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2/2/2003 c12 3aznchick
DAMN IT. don't you HATE IT when you "accidentally" PUSH THE "D" BUTTON AND THE WHOLE REVIEW IS WIPED OUT (that's okay because i had to copy and paste ne way because for some reason it wouldn't let me submit a review without logging in ~_~ -+ some wierd message about "please enter a valid e-mail address.") but still it's aggravating ~_~. ne way. *STOP RANT HERE* *cough*cough* hehehe.

^_^*START BABBLING HERE*. lol oooh btw - my b-day is tomorrow! XD sorry excited. hehe. ne wayyyy OMG X_X SOMEHOW WHEN NAT WAS WRITING THAT POST-IT NOTE I *KNEW* MONICA WAS GONNA GET A HOLD OF IT AND THINK OF SOMETHING TO USE AGAINST HER SIS ~_~. ahhhhhhhh! but *scowls* i'm glad her parents FINALLY found out! yayyyyyyyy! and i mean seriously after that throwing-of-the-picture-frame-at-mother-ordeal they CAN'T DENY that Monica is a little deranged or like.. at least can't control her anger very well whcih DOES prove that she has ALOT of pent up emotions and esp anger inside =/ WHICH HAVE BEEN DIRECTED TOWARDS HER OWN TWIN SISTER *gasp* da horror! ahhh! *glances at her own twin sister behind her* eheh..

*cough*cough* so ne way. X_x someone actually asked me how I could be such good friends with my twin. and you know that kinda proves teh point your fic makes -} that although you're twins that doesn't MEAN you're born best friends or something... makes me sad. sigh. how many twins ARE reading your fic besides me? ^_^ i think i forgot this if u ever mentioned it but are Monica and Natalee identical twins? or faternal?

i wonder why everyone at Nat's school is trying to pretend everything's back to normal? *glares at them*

... *shove*Natalee doesn't HAVE to go to class right now! xp! hehee ^_^

and DAAAANNNGGG MOnica like KISSED that fourty-something dude (possibly fifty becuase we all know we can't trust Monica's judgement uh ever on any matter... she's just like.. evil. ~_~.)BUT SHE KISSED THE FOURTY/FIFTY-SOMETHING DUDE JUST SO HE WOULD GET EMBARRASSED AND RELEASE HER TO GET OUT OF HIS OFFICE AND STUFF X_x. I HOPE THAT PENT INSTUTITION IS LIKE AN INSANE ASYLUM OR SOMETHING.

... AHHH X_x i just scared myself x.x sowwiez. *hides* scary stuff. insane asylums *mental picture of Joker with green hair and lipstick in the insane asylum* aaarrgggh nightmares tonight. eeehhhhh! *runs away*

^_^ aznchick

2/2/2003 c12 4XxdiamondkweenxX
and the plot thickens.. You gotta update sooner then every other month! Haha update soon!
2/2/2003 c12 NeverAgainTruth
*Gasp*, How could she? She's so derranged and psychotic, it makes me want to cry;(

Update soon!
2/2/2003 c12 28Arayuldawen
what is she going to do? don't worry, i'm not dissapointed. The next chapter is going to be awesome, I know it:)
2/2/2003 c12 6BlueEyedPrincess01
I still say-Kill Monica! Kill her! Sorry, I'm an extremely violent person. Lol. How bad do I feel for poor Natalie? Jeez life is like hell for her. I swear, my sister is going to knife me during the night...but she's only 8! Violent child, violent I tell you! Kind of reminds me of Monica and Natalie's situation. And OMG I love Blake so much. He seems so hard core, yet very sweet. Now we just need to know what that psychotic bitch Monica is plotting! GAHHH update soon!
2/2/2003 c12 2inconsequential me
Eee...Wow. I can't believe Blake made her tell her mom...I guess it was for the best, but still, it was shocking. A good shocking, though.

I'm sort of nervous to see what Monica has planned...She worries me...Lol. She honestly does though! She can't kill Natalee...! That would be...So...so...Bad! for lack of a better word.

Anyway...Natalee better watch out or something... Eee...I'm scared. Lol. However, I am anticipating the next chapter. so...update soon! please! Kudos!
2/1/2003 c12 16kaika switched
I don't know how you think of this stuff but it's amazing! You really have something going on here and I can't wait to find out what Monica has planned. This is a great story, though I get confused with this and the other two you have going. Doesn't matter though, just had to back track a bit. In any case, please update soon!
2/1/2003 c12 32Cryptic Insanity
Oh,Monica is not only examining psychologoical problems,she is a model for psychos nation..to..internationally!

Heh.Anywho,I loved this chapter and can't wait for her to plan to be revealed.

Update soon!
2/1/2003 c12 DragonsEclipse
You finally updated! LOL. I can't wait to find out what Monica has in store for Natatee. I hope she doesn't kill her, but then again... if that happened, then this won't be continued after your next chapter. Ne? I'm glad that Natalee told her mom what Monica did, but I don't really think it's going to help much in the long run. I can really tell that Blake cares for Natalee. It's good that she has him to help and believe her. Sorry this is so long. I await your next chapter! Keep up with the talent! ^_^
2/1/2003 c12 tricklingdust
*gasps* 2-3 WEEKS? Are you crazy? You have to update sooner than that! *screams* Well, anyway.. it was a good chapter. ^_^
1/11/2003 c11 Chibi Tenshi
whoa..i never knew have a twin sister is that bad..and monica is starting to freak the hell outa me. *shivers* lolz and i have a lil sister too, but i don't think she's evil juz a little bit to over active. anywayz update soon i luv your fic!
1/9/2003 c11 Kelz
oooooooooh! Good chapter! I'm glad Natalee is coming out of the hospital too! Update soon!

1/4/2003 c11 594JoyfullyStruggling
FUCK YOU MONICA! eat shit bitch! You're like a bowling ball, you get fingered then thrown down the gutter!
1/4/2003 c10 JoyfullyStruggling
No sympathy for Monica, she can suck her own tits for eternity
1/4/2003 c7 JoyfullyStruggling
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