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1/4/2003 c5 594JoyfullyStruggling
1/4/2003 c4 JoyfullyStruggling
oo Monica is evil..EVIILLL~!
1/4/2003 c2 JoyfullyStruggling
ooo scary
1/4/2003 c1 JoyfullyStruggling
oooo good
1/1/2003 c11 11Neophrite
Aw, man! More torture! Totally didn't see that coming... (heh heh. That was sarcastic.) That is very freaky ~ I mention Tommy as you put him back in! I must be psychic or something. Hmmm. Well, anyways, this was another good one, just so ya know. I think I'm having a bad review day, so this one probably sux. Sorry. Hope you update soon! :)
12/28/2002 c11 2rachelbabycake
january 10th? i need the next chapter now!
12/28/2002 c11 1MochaButterfly
Yes, I agree - Hayden is especially gorgeous in Life as a House.

About your story - still wonderful as ever. Take your time in getting your next chapter up; I know it can take some time!
12/28/2002 c11 2Froggegirl
Gack! Creepy threatening music cue. Can you say evil sister? I mean, if that isn't a threat, I don't know what is. Yeah, my sympathy for Monica is alllll gone now. The only thing I'm worried about is- just don't let Monica get too unrealistic. You've kept it pretty good up till now, not making Natalee TOO too perfect and not making Monica a total hideous bitch. Regardless of the fact that she IS a hideous bitch, just don't get carried away. Good chapter as usual. I'll be waiting... ~*Natalie
12/28/2002 c11 2inconsequential me
Mwahaha-I am back! Apparently ff.net started hating all the AOL users or something to that degree-wouldn't let me sign on for WEEKS. Do you know how terrible that was...? Even more terrible was knowing of all those updates (like this one) that i couldn't read! Anyway-enough complaining from me!

WHAT A GREAT CHAPTER! Your writing skills are just as manipulative as Monica can be! And I mean that in a good way. In the beginning i was like: Aww...Poor little Monica, what did she ever do wrong? And now I'm like: Aww...Poor little Natalee, what did she ever do wrong? and that's impressive! I wonder who i'll ultimately side with! The possibilities!

I thought Natalee was a little cold towards her friends, but I s'pose they deserved it. Yes, of course they did! But she could've been a little more accepting.

and Tommy's visit-Definitely didn't see that one coming! of all people...hmm...anyway, at least he was all nice for a change.

Oh, and I was disappoited because Blake made no appearances ;_;, that wasn't fair. Hopefully he dominates the next chapter! What a great idea. Lol.

Anyway...I think i'm finished now. Great job, only noticed one spelling mistake, i do believe. Kudos! Thanks for updating!
12/28/2002 c11 DejectedForever
This is great. Keep up the good work. I like the plot. The dark side of twinhood. Yeah. I'm tired of seeing Mary Kate and Ashley. Someone needs to shoot them. So nauseating. Not every twin is like them.

I completely agree with Weird Ed. At first, I sympathized with Monica. She was lonely and depressed while her twin sister had it all. Natalee seemed perfect and so she disgusted me. Sure, this doesn't justify Monica's attempts to murder her but I still like her. I know what you're thinking. Why the hell would you sympathize with this jealous psycho killer? I'm not completely sure. Even though, Natalee isn't popular and all anymore she still has Blake who makes her happy. Monica wants Blake badly. See, Monica only wanted some happiness. In the end, she'll never be happy which makes me sympathize with her even more. I know how it is to want something so bad, you'll do almost anything. Monica just went about it in the wrong way.
12/26/2002 c11 10starsprinkles9604
Nice chapter...love the suspense. How dense is that Tommy guy? I mean seriously! Iti's good she'll be coming home, but then I guess its really not that good of a thing. WEll...nice chappy, peace out
12/26/2002 c11 aznchick
@_@ Monica is really really evil... OMG =/ Blake better get murderous SOON! HAHAAHA and i see "TOMMY" is crawling back groveling at her feet and beggin for forgiveness! *slams fist down on desktop* NO! NO! NO FORGIVENESS! NOT UNTIL YOU ESCAPE THE CLUTCHES OF THAT HORRIBLE WENCH (otherwise known as Monica Evans) AND TAKE UP ARMS (or pitchforks XD hehehe) WIT BLAKE! *stab*stab*stab*MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAa...*cough*weeze*puff of smoke floats out of mouth*

eh... ^^;;; ne wayz =[ my computer is mean. it wouldn't let me get to fanfiction.net for the past threeeeeeeee looonggg dayyzzz... of course i could still get e-mail ~_~ so there were all these e-mails going "dark envy has been updated!* *Update!* *Courting of Aviahnna ...* ~_~ AGGHHH.. and i couldn't read neeeeeeeeee of themmmmmmmmmmmmm *breaks down crying*

(more ranting about monica ensues) -EVEN IF SHE'S DEPRESSED OR SOMETHING THAT DOESN"T GIVE HER A RIGHT TO TRY AND KILL HER OWN DAMN TWIN! TWWWWWWIIIIINNN! i mean i know all that shit about a deep "connection" or whatever is just BULL really since i'm a twin i kind of KNOW it's PURE BULL SHIT (gahahaha... i get people asking me if i'm telepathic with my sis @_@ how odd is that?) BUT SERIOUSLY MONICA just has an EVIL STREAK. !

well i hope you had a very nice and merry christmas! =D

^_^ aznchick
12/26/2002 c11 nnE
i guess she does have sum feelings (the whole blake thing) but i was talking bout her feelings in general. shes an icy witch! i never would have thought that tommy would visit nat...it was kind of random.
12/26/2002 c11 Weird Ed
I should've signed in, but I'm a lazy bastard... anyway.

I love Monica. At the beginning she seemed like such an innocent little nerd-type who wanted so desparately to have friends. But her mind and way of thinking is warped; she didn't know how to get them any other way. So she tried to become someone that she knew everyone would like. She tried to become Natalie.

And now, I like her even more because she's getting evil. She's brave and vicious and cold, yet she's still human in her own way. And I feel bad for her now, because all she wanted was her sister's popularity, and she loved Blake. But now he hates her, and she can never have him back, as a lover, friend or otherwise.

Monica ruined her life, when all she wanted was a little piece of happiness.

This chapter was pretty good. You should make them longer, though. I'm curious as to where this is going to go, too. I'll keep reading, I promise you that, even if you don't see a review from me in a while. Rest assured I'm reading it and loving it.
12/26/2002 c10 Myra Storms
okay i know i just reviewed, but i have something else to say on chapter 11... about the whole i would jump off a building if in the end monica was dead and Nat had a million friends again... well... if Nat died on the other hand me be very happy indeed, then the last "scene" in the book would be like Monica in one of those confined rooms! like in an insane asylum! or it could be at nat's grave, that workds too! i know you already have the plot line written out so you can just ignore this, im just trying to make an ending for myself so im not left hanging...

Also about how so many guys like Monica i have two more for you, my brothers like her! my younger brother thinks she is "funny" (poor little idiot! he's only 9... wait that's not that young!) and my twin brother (screwy aint it i have a twin, im reading a story about twins... anyway...) has an obsession with her! I like her too but im not a guy... anyway, go figure, people are weird!
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