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10/21/2002 c7 Kelz
This chapter is great, and i like the big turning point with blake and natalee. Good idea on the thing with how people thought of her hair and stuff. In this chapter you put things more clearly on who's talking so don't worry ^_^ I hope you write the next chapter soon! bye!

10/19/2002 c7 11Neophrite
Yay! Blake kicks ass! He's even MORE cool now! Monica had my pity for the first chapter, but now she's just freakish. I feel like reaching in the story and pounding some sense into her deranged mind. And yeah, I suppose it WOULD be bad if she were put away, but then you could concentrate on Blake and Natalee, maybe make an enemy of Tommy? And you could have Monica the Monster escape or something as a mutant! Okay. Maybe not. But I really like this story! Really really! If you can, please update soon!
10/19/2002 c4 64Black Tangled Heart
i love it, i love it, i love it!
10/19/2002 c3 Black Tangled Heart
i love the different POVS! they add depth to the story :) and i really like the part about nat and mark hugging. even if monica used it against her sister, it's still really sweet.
10/19/2002 c2 Black Tangled Heart
this is an extremely original idea! i rteally like the differences between the girls. it'll make for a plotline full of twists and turns.

one thing: wouldn't monica regard the bond she has with her twin? i mean, her twin is her other half, right?

aside from that, i love it.
10/19/2002 c1 Black Tangled Heart
beautiful start. a fresh idea and a very realistic look into the mind of one who feels treaded upon...and isolated.
10/17/2002 c7 nnE
hey tara! i decided to check out this story as well! what can i say? this is really GOOD! actually its not good...its EXCELLENT! i think that monica is terrible and i feel sorry for poor natalee. blake sounds cool. i wonder how monica will react wen she finds out that blake likes natalie!update soon!
10/15/2002 c7 J. Key
in response i think the blake+nat combo is very cute but in a twisted way i feel bad for bitch girl (monica), i have a perfect sister too... i think nat+blake is awesome but i think you need some new hot rebel boy to bring poor miss tuba back to her senses...
10/14/2002 c7 10starsprinkles9604
Cool chapter. Tyr to slow some stuff down though...Monica is reallylooking vicious...SCORE!
10/14/2002 c7 6Elven Kitteh
hey again! heheh... blake kicks ass! and monica is still a bitch... she needs that institution! and that matt kid is an asshole, too! he deserved getting his butt kicked! update soon
10/13/2002 c7 37BeautifulWickedness
Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice chapter! Yes, i think it is good that Natalie and Blake hhok up. The plot thickens even more!
10/13/2002 c7 lanthene
hey, thanx for the e-mail update, it totally made my day. That chapter was ingenious... Monica-aka-the-Monster might go to an institution? I hope so, that'd be sweet justice! I also liked how Natalee's true friends shone through & she really discovered more about herself b/c of her hair (or lack thereof...). Guess the Monster's plan kinda backfired. Heh, you're right, I especially like that Blake & 'Lee are hooking up...they're an awesome combo. I hope she really likes Blake & isn't just using him to get revenge on Monster. Superb chapter, write on!
10/13/2002 c7 27GodofNothing

lol... that evil side of me is coming up... bwahahhahaa :)
10/13/2002 c6 Guest
WOW pink hair!
10/13/2002 c5 sHortiiL
monica gives me the chills... *shivers* tommy is such an ass..
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