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10/2/2002 c1 Kelz
I love it! Great style of writing too, Keep at it cause it's a good plot for a story. bye!

9/27/2002 c5 2inconsequential me
Wow...@.@ Seriously, great chapter...definitely a wower...

especially towards te end, i couldn't imagine having a sister like monica! she's so...uh...mean, for the lack of a better word. I can't believe she'd do stuff like that! (i can't believe you'd make your character do stuff like that! lol)

anyway, great job, loved this chapter, can't wait to see what you've got planned! Kudos!
9/21/2002 c5 27GodofNothing
One of the best stories ive ever read

truly captures envy, hatred, and the wish for originality... very well done. I hope to see more chapters :)
9/21/2002 c1 J. key
wow. I agree with kaika she is a sneeky little bitch, how evil, how cruel, how awful... I like, me like very very much, more please.
9/19/2002 c5 16kaika switched
Sneakly little bitch, isn't she? At first, I thought Monica was gonna cut her face or something - good twist. Anyway, I'm glad you updated. Update again soon!

Oh yeah, I'll probably update Eyeless this weekend, so check back, okies?
9/18/2002 c5 11Neophrite
Hey, don't worry! Like I said, your story is still original. I dunno if it's published in Canada or not, but if you've read other books by Caroline B. Coonie then I'm sure this one is available. Anyways, this chapter was freaky! Scissors and hair! It reminds me of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" the horror movie, because the pretty girl gets her hair cut in the middle of the night in her room when her house is locked... it's so scary! I wonder what Natalee will do when she wakes up! Oh no! Please add as soon as you can!
9/17/2002 c5 37BeautifulWickedness
Ack! How evil! You MUST continue this! It's so good!
9/17/2002 c5 10starsprinkles9604
AHHHHH!Another good chapter...I'm feelin this story with the quickness! She chopped off her hair...that's just really freaky!
9/17/2002 c5 1meloncholia
Eeeeee, cool idea. I look forward to more... I kinda like this Monica. She's cool in an evil way. Bwaha. *angelic grin*
9/15/2002 c1 Guest
More! More! More! You can't stop now - so far

this is a great story. Please don't wimp out

and have Monica realize how lucky she is, blah

blah blah...I want to see her successfully

complete her plan. This doesn't mean she has to

kill Natalee, in fact, it would be better if

she simply "detained" her. Great job so far!
9/10/2002 c4 Chickybabe
I love the story but can I ask you one favor...

Can we have a happy ending PLEASE!:(
9/8/2002 c4 11Neophrite
Wow! This sounds like a book called "Twins" by Caroline B. Cooney... but don't worry, your story is still original. I like it! It's kinda creepy and appealing at the same time! I hope you decide to continue it, although please don't kill Natalee! :)
9/8/2002 c4 AngelAimee when am I ever signed in
Aimee: Phweep! Chapter fooo-uuuur! ^-^ I lurve it! Interesting, well written, and friggen kick-ass chapter! Yay! Have a cookie for a job well done *hands over cookie* *^^*

Aniya: Baka Hikari -_-;;; I liked this chapter too, very nicely done ^^ I can't wait for more! And I'll bug Aimee on updating her story, ne, 's 'at a good enough bribe?

Aimee: Eh, yeah, I would update, but FF.Net's upload document manager thingy doesn't like me...oh well. My chapters wouldn't be as good or as interesting as yours are, anyway. I can't wait for more, and I am praying that FF.Net will actually let me review your wonderful story!

Aniya: Briber...now suck-up...what else? Great story, TC, hopefully you can update soon! ^-^

~Aimee & Aniya
9/8/2002 c4 2inconsequential me
Hey, great chapters :)

I really enjoyed reading the past two chapters.

i can't believe what a jerk Monica is...At first I thought I'd like her rebellious side, but not any more...

Poor Natalee...I feel sorry for her. She didn't really deserve that. Maybe she's a little shallow/superficial/or something, but she didn't deserve that...

Tom. Lol. Poor boy. Oh well. he brought it on to himself.

Anyway, great chapter :) Thanks for letting me kwno when you updated. :) kudos!
9/8/2002 c4 5Ellen Enchanted
GOOD! I really like it...
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