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8/18/2002 c3 16kaika switched
Thanks for clarifying the POV changes. It made things much easier for my little mind. Thinking to much gives me headaches... Anyway! Good, good chapter! As always, I look forward to more!
8/18/2002 c3 5Ellen Enchanted
That was really wonderful! The whole thing where Monica dyes her hair and everything to look like Natalee, and then when she and Tommy... wow. This is a very well written story with very good characters (Natalee does seem a little too perfect, but since the story seems to revolve around that, in a sense, it isn't too bad.). I can't wait to read more!
8/18/2002 c3 34Aidlyn
oooo! I love where you're going with this! I demand more soon!
8/17/2002 c2 9RaeNBow AnGeL
Creepy! Yeah, I'm kinda sick of Mary-Kate and Ashley, too. Thanksfor reviewing my story!
8/16/2002 c2 16kaika switched
Fact aside I got confused with the point of view changes, it was very good. I think I'm just very...exhausted. Anyway, I look forward to more soon!
8/15/2002 c2 34Aidlyn
oooo keep going! and yes, it draws my attention in a very good way! I love this story! and thanks for reviewing my poems, it really means a lot to me.
8/12/2002 c2 the Bumbling Firefly
A little bit creepy- boy am *I* glad that I don't have a twin right now ;) Personally, I think Monica might be a little psychotic. But it's fun to read about insane people! Sort of. Please update soon.
8/11/2002 c2 2inconsequential me
Dun, dun, duuuuun. I can see more of a plot in this chappie. Which was very nicely written, lacking spelling errors and incredibly easy to follow...equalling an amazing addition!

You're write. the happy-twins-get-along-share-secrets-best-friends thing is waaaaay over used, so this is a VERY nice change, but i've already said this.

Monica is kind of...um...scary? Hopefully she'll realize that ruining her sister's life really isn't what she wants and she'll fall for her own little punk-boy, find that she has a flair for drama or painting, or SOMETHING to get attention drawn on to her. Buuuuut, for now, she can try to take over Natalee's life, but I hope it doesn't backfire in her face...Guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens...-_- bleh...GET WRITING! i'm anxious to see where this is gonna go. kudos! XP
8/11/2002 c1 inconsequential me
Wow, this is such an unusual concept...

A GOOD THING! a very, very, very good thing.

Intriguing, usually you see twins hopping around all fine n dandy, never see one envious of the other...i'm curious as to see where you will take this... lemme know when you update...please? i'd appreciate it. Kudos! XP
8/8/2002 c1 natmarie
Hey hun

glad you have a new story! And I'm in it (i feel so honored, lol) Actually my name is Natalie, not Natalee so it must not be me. sounds like a good start though, can't wait to see where you take it!
8/7/2002 c1 16kaika switched
You make it sound like playing the Tuba's a bad thing. ;p Anyway, great intro, I'm looking forward to more soon!
8/7/2002 c1 Mistress of Rage
good start so far. I like it. The idea of a jealous sister, especially a twin, just draws my attention for some reason. Keep going!
8/2/2002 c1 NoDa-chan
ooo...this sounds/is very interesting! even though you've only written a little, i'm already hooked. can't wait for the next chapter!

8/2/2002 c1 29magicalthree
awesome beginning...update!1
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