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11/3/2003 c4 18Ice Eyes
Oh, and the plot thickens. This is so good. Can't wait to read more!

*goes back to reading*


Ice Eyes
10/30/2003 c19 6Nickety
Your story made me cry.


True tears. Drip, drip. Wah.

1) Natalee is sad. Blake
10/30/2003 c6 Nickety
I'm only on chapter six, but it's great so far ... my free period is almost over, but I can't wait to finish reading. :)
10/27/2003 c19 16kaika switched
Finally found five minutes to read this. I see the e-mail every day that says Davy Envy's been updated and every day I think about all the shit I have to do. Thankfully, it's just NHS inductions, so I had time. ^_^ Great chapter...not too eventful, but not a meaningless filler either. Good work! Keep writing!
10/26/2003 c19 38Chavi West-Wind
wow, now i'm interested to see what's up with their mom. and i wanna see Blake again, dangit! if i were Natalee, i wouldn't have even imagined being in the pool; i'd be too scared. damn, that must've been bad for her. no Jake, bad Jake, Lee and Blake forever! (i'll take Jake though ^-^)
10/18/2003 c19 1Angel Assassination
I love the chapter. Your story keeps getting better and better!
10/16/2003 c19 5Le Sage
uhh, i dont really get the end part. but otherwise this chapter is really good., but no Blake? and Jake sounds interesting...
10/15/2003 c19 xXchelleXx
Wow you know, in the beginning you don't know how much Monics scared me. God this is like a horror story or something! But ti was so interesting I just had to keep reading.

I feel so bad for Natalee. And even Blake. It really sucks being stuck with so many stereotypes. I should know, I have a lot of friends like that.

Monica is really cruel. She really belongs in that nuthouse. Blake is a really cool person. And Jake doesn't quite remind me of him. Does he have oddly colored skin, wear spikes and things and black make up too? well amybe not since they go to a pretty rule obssessed boarding school.

This story has literally caused me to sit at the edge of my chair. Hope you update really soon. REALLY soon.
10/15/2003 c19 2inconsequential me
gah...wow...so dramatic and moving and intense... impressive. a highly enjoyable chapter-although more than just slightly depressing. but things will get better...? right? heh. one can only hope that it only gets better from here...

hope you update soon :)

kudos on the chapter.
10/15/2003 c19 2scenicmoods
this chapter was really good i never thought that monica would go insane, i kind of diddn't get the bit about the mother comparing a movie character to monica but i think the comparision was a good thing to put in i hope you update soon
10/13/2003 c19 tricklingdust
Wow. O_O I certainly didn't expect THAT coming from Monica. Wow... dude, I wonder what the real problem is. In any case, GREAT GREAT chapter, please update soon!
10/13/2003 c19 DragonsEclipse
Well, let's just say that I'm glad that Monica is where she belongs. She needs to be in a mental institution until the end of her days (sounds harsh, but I don't much like her). I hope things will get better for Natalee. I wonder how long it'll take Mrs. Evans to put the pieces of the puzzle together and realize that Monica hurt Natalee. Good job! Update soon! ^_^
10/13/2003 c19 28Arayuldawen
yowsah...That chapter is really emotional and deep an' everything. Wow, Monica has really gone off the deep end. That's just...wrong...to completely loose it like that. And Nat, even away from Monica, she's still tormented. I was hoping Blake was gonna be in this chapter, but as you mentioned at the beginning of the chapter, he wasn't. It's alright, but I'm really anticipating to see what's happening with him. Great job on this chapter.

10/6/2003 c18 2scenicmoods
this story is really good i really enjoyed it, has monica really changed? some chapters were really frightening but overall this is one hell of a story its not too sappy and has angst and horro please update soon your story is amazing
9/28/2003 c18 11Neophrite
Whoa. this chapter was so great. I love the new characters and their promise of new twists to the story, especially this Jake fellow. But Blake killing himself would be so sad! He should run away to her school. And Monica, well we don't care about her, do we? Heh heh. Loved this one and I'm just sorry I didn't read it sooner! :) update soon, please!
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