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8/7/2003 c17 Lemonhead754
Okay, I know that I haven't left a review yet, but that's because I just finished this story this morning. It's good, except it's one of those stories where if Monica doesn't get caught, and Nat doesn't get with Blake eventually, then I'll scream. Before you asked if anyone felt any sympathy towards Monica, and I definitely don't. I mean, tying up someone in the basement is sick enough, but to cut, burn, and rape that person, especially if she's your sister is disgusting. That part kind of made me uneasy, and I usually don't get that feeling to easily. Oh well, it's all part of the story to show how sadistic Monica is. Well...update soon...I can't wait to see what happens! ~Kristen
8/5/2003 c17 Chibii-Cherry


THEY have to remain together *growls*
8/4/2003 c17 Myra Storms
Excellent as always... I just wanna point out that in the magazine note you mixed up the names...
8/4/2003 c17 28Arayuldawen
NO. Blake and Lee were so perfect for each other. NO! And now Monica is so happy, thinking she's gonna get exactly what Nat had. But she can't...That wouldn't be fair at all. Blake, his heart so crushed. And Lee's heart. This chapter has made me mad for so many reasons, heh, but I still like the story ^_^ Don't worry. You have to update this as soon as you can.

8/3/2003 c17 1Angel Assassination
*blink, blink* OMG! It is so good. I want to hear more!
8/2/2003 c17 Writerofascientist
Oh my gosh! How incredibly sad! I'm almost near tears here! Write more please!
8/2/2003 c17 2inconsequential me
aww...insanely wonderful chapter, i approve of the length. lol. yeah, definitely enjoyable.

monica's being creepy. taking on natalees old life or somtehing? that's sort of...well, really disturbing.

the ending was great...hopefully something will happen and blake will miraculously get to come with her...maybe his parents can pull a few strings or SOMETHING. hopefully.

kudos,e xcellent job.
8/2/2003 c17 16kaika switched
Okay, first of all, whoever complained about the "short chapter" is idiotic because chapter sixteen was fantastic. This chapter was wonderful as well. Chapters don't need to be long to be good. It's not length that makes a story great, but content, and you've got plenty of it. Please mind my ass kissing, because I genuinely am enjoying this story. It's crazy. Keep writing!
8/2/2003 c17 tricklingdust
Oh geebus. x_x I'd almost forgotten that she'd had to lie about the whole situation. Grr.. I hate Monica, I'm sorry. She needs to go to an institution. O_o Great chapter, please update soon!
8/2/2003 c17 Bottledinsideme
Thanks for the long chapter. Its not as sitting on the edge on the scale of excitement but it was good. I'm sad they broke up though. Monica is freaky...changing herself to be like her sister. Who's the new boyfriend?
8/2/2003 c17 6goobersprinkle
that was so depressing. i love it, though. you need to write more!
8/2/2003 c17 38Chavi West-Wind
this was a great chapter. the thing with Monica's note, where she changed the names, that scared the crap outta me o.o; *sniffles* poor Blake, poor Lee... i hope that eventually they get happy. but for me, angst and romance go hand in hand, like cookies and milk. you can have one without the other, but it isn't NEARLY as good. two thumbs up!

8/2/2003 c17 DragonsEclipse
Well, the good thing is that she'll be away from Monica. However, it's sad that she had to leave Blake behind. Her mother really is naïve. It's pretty pathetic that she doesn't know what's going on in her own house. Anyway, I'm pleased to see that the chapter was longer this time around. I hope you update again, soon. Keep it up! ^_^
8/2/2003 c17 32Cryptic Insanity
MORE! I want to see what Monica is up to! And about Blake! -gets impatient-
7/29/2003 c16 nnE
NOO! you cant break them up! no...UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!
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