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9/20/2003 c1 37Fantwriter
Will you listen to me...

My dear friend Connie...

God 'dear' sounds so DORKY! oh well it rhymes Ain't it so COOL!

Nice poem though =D
1/19/2003 c1 36Rhia
Boo! Connie it's me. teh heh heh. Great poem! It's so emotional. like the part about the person doesn't really have to listen, just look like they are. That's pretty errr, sad. *sniff, sniff*

Okay, I'm all ears, talk to me. lol.

9/15/2002 c1 Wasting Time
Really good idea, wanting someone to listen, I can relate to it, because sometimes I just wish someone would listen to *me* for a change, instead of my just being on the recieving end. Anyways, great job!

9/2/2002 c1 Smiley- Bear
I like the way you bring your pieces together. This is good too!
8/15/2002 c1 major-rocket-fan
That was so beautiful... I dont know what else to say, excellent job ^_^
8/9/2002 c1 katie

that was a nice poem. i dont know about u but i love writing poetry. keep up the good work! have u written anything else?

8/7/2002 c1 1Untamed Shrew
wow...this is really deep, I can relate to it, I can feel you and everything. I cant believe

I'm the only one giving you a review, this is a great poem! its like you want

to actually feel like you are important to someone even if its a gesture not real

well if this is how you really feel Im sorry you feel this way, I have been there

and there ARE people who care there ARE if they dont then thats not a true friend

ok? *huggles* very good, you have a great talent

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