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for I Don't Care Anymore

11/16/2002 c1 Enkaged Lazyness can't be helped sometimes
I like the symbolism, Maybe you would like to try adding "," or "." It's easier to read if your word-processor scres up your work, (Like mine, damn Word XP.) UNless you intended it to be like that. over all, it's good
8/18/2002 c1 21Dryad
hello, havn't read much of your stuff lately, hmm...i like this, its really good, and VERY long. lots to think about just before i go to bed, lol. sorry i havn't been reviewing your stuff, i was er...lost
8/16/2002 c1 50Kittioto
... Wow... that was... beautiful. ~Sniffle~

This is true...? Nikki? You feel this way? Don't ever give up, girl. I feel a lot like this sometimes... and it's not something fun to dwell on. I especially liked the last line... it showed a lot of despair right then. That helpless feeling of not knowing for sure if people are honest in what they say or do... especially when it's concerning how they view your own self. Or if they care at all. Sometimes it's hard to think of people as caring, because they don't always voice it. I should know... it's a rare thing for me to express how important my friends are to me. Especially to their faces. So... don't EVER think people don't think of you, or that you don't matter to them.

Sometimes it's the most distant or sporadic remark that keeps someone around.

I know I used to think of you as kind of a joker, more than anything, but there's definitely a lot to you. No one person is simple, and they should never be viewed that way.

Even people who joke around, or seem angry, or even total peace-goers - there is always much more going inside than could EVER meet the eye, and it's a wondrous thing. Great poem... keep writing, you KNOW you're good at it.

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