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for Immortal

7/29/2005 c1 14method acting
Again, lovely job. Again, interesting font choice. Again, I htink you could have added more detail. The flow was off to me for this one. Nice job.
5/10/2004 c1 6Nighttime Wanderer
I like it, pelase read my story It Will SUrely Come To Pass ((it is about vampires))
4/7/2004 c1 Sara Bickley
I like how you use a more "traditional" conception of the vampire - it's a refreshing break from the vampire-as-sexy-hero stuff that's so common nowadays. Your grammar could perhaps use work ("Her teeth is sharp"?), but this is still a nice piece of writing.
7/31/2003 c1 1sarmia
good job how about trying to go through the good things of being a vampire...a conflicting poem to go with it..maybe cool

great job

r and r me thanx!
7/22/2003 c1 kimoniknai
that was truly a great but melancholy peom
2/1/2003 c1 00
I love vampires! Ahh!

And a very nice poem indeed!
11/23/2001 c1 89167
Neat poem. Depressed vampires are great!
12/18/2000 c1 40Tanzonite Black
it has a different twist then what I've seen in a lot a vampire poems, but it's cool.

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