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9/29/2012 c3 1Insert a Catchy Penname Here
So...beautiful...oh...my...God...just, indescribable
4/19/2009 c3 3risen.angel.from.hell
I like this alot but the only thing is that I'm confused. if you could please explain it? thnx
3/6/2009 c3 1we make fire electric blue
I loved it, although, I did get a little confused at times, but that's ok. It was great.
11/12/2008 c3 13blurrylights
This was a very interesting story! Certainly unique, and I liked the plot. It was a little confusing, but very well written. Awesome job!
8/2/2004 c1 amz381
I think this story is good but i found it confusing and hard to understand what was meant to happening.
i still think is great though as i understood in th end.
5/3/2004 c3 1She who walks the moonlit path
It all comes together at the end...
It's an extremely good story, and very moving - it really makes you think. sorry for all my reviews!
5/3/2004 c2 She who walks the moonlit path
sorry to review again so soon, but this chapter took me completely by surprise. i liked it a lot and am now very intrigued. you've written very differently here, but again, it works well and seems to fit the first chapter, even if the overall form of them is very different. okay, well, onto chapter 3 i guess!
5/3/2004 c1 She who walks the moonlit path
I've only read the first chapter, but it's very good. You manage to capture the essence of her child's nature without compromising on the quality of language, and although it's an odd blend it works extremely well! Anyway, i'm going to read the rest...
3/30/2004 c3 5aiur
now that is just creative! love this whole plot idea ... you're so inspiring. haha, no, jk ... i could never do what you do. i was gonna read your other story ... AAY i think you called it in your profile 'cause i found it on a fav list ... but then i realized the time and the fact i couldn't read all of it in time. plus there's a sequel. and knowing me, i'd HAVE to read that too. but i wanted to read something that you wrote. =) this was a great story i really enjoyed it, and when i have time i promise i will go read your AAY fics. can you do me a huge favour and read my fic? please? lol i know it's a lot to ask and it's really long so you don't have to read the first one if you don't want to. it would make my day, really it would.
3/24/2004 c3 cheeryOhz
that was a well written story.. i dont get it but ... it was well written.. if you can could you please explain it? thanx bunchies great story
3/17/2004 c3 40Merit Somnia
Very good, I usually don't like this type of think but this was superb piece of writing. Thrilling to the end with emotions all through out it that protray human weakness and their true self. Well done
11/20/2003 c3 Jenisita
man, that's one twisted story, excellent, but twisted! i wish there were more in between!
10/18/2003 c3 wacka dkid
its confusing. your purposely making it so.. but im just going to say that ^_^. whats the rock? you write the little girl so well.
8/17/2003 c3 118Yaquel Visain
Hm... It was quite interesting.
8/13/2003 c3 7You Need More Flair
Well then.

I can only guess what happened.

The story left off in the right place, but my brain is screaming for more.

I love this.

It's very well written.
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