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8/2/2003 c4 Dan
It's definitely entertaining. The mystery of both the past and the future makes it very gripping.
8/27/2002 c3 NobodyAtAll
*staring at spot where the button to go to the fourth chapter should be* It's not theeeeeeeeeeere! I'm dying to read the next chapter. There WILL be a next chapter, right? I think I'm getting the drift of what's happened to Tara... but this just seems like that kind of unpredictable story that always twists everything when you think you know what's going on. o.O The chapters are short... but ingenious. The emotions and thoughts are very compact, simple... intense. It just blows me away. Wow. And I get the feeling that James will be one sick bastard. He's obviously done something wrong- even if their mother is oblivious to it all. It's all very authentic. Keep up the good work... and PLEASE, chapt. 4 up soon? *does her best reviewer puppy dog eyes*
8/11/2002 c1 Thomas
Very suspiciously written story. The taste of short mystery; as well as confusion in the story; but very well written. :)
8/9/2002 c2 trustAnti
..oi. Amazing.
8/8/2002 c1 Mad
Fantastic... gripping... intriguing... tell me more!
8/8/2002 c1 19phorc
First of all: DON'T BLEEP OUT THE SWEARS! It's very distracting, and somewhat pointless at that. We all know what's behind them bloody asterix.

When Merideth walked into the kitchen, she didn't see Tara immediately? That was a little odd.

The thoughts and actions are separated in the first mini-chapter, but are integrated from there on. Is that a character trait? I'll probably just have to wait for more and see, but...but...I'm curious now!

Now, positive stuff: The writing, though in need of editing, has a decent flow to it, which changes from character to character. Always a nifti dynamic.

Andrew is simply genius. He's a fun guy to read about. More Andrew!

Finally...very vague. Giving us all the information except what we want to know. (Namely, what happened to Tara.) A good effect, if a frustrating one.


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