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for being alone

9/21/2002 c1 9Tricks
9/1/2002 c1 146Catella Estelle
::sniffles:: A touching/sad poem...very deep. It touches the soul. Very good job.
8/11/2002 c1 pryncesscrys
about joe? e-mail me and explain
8/9/2002 c1 35Bunnylicious
Thats REALLY good. Very well written, and i totally understand what your saying. If this is smthn ur really goin through, i feel it babe, its gets better. SLOWLY, but it does
8/9/2002 c1 103Redrum
Very nicely written. I loved your flow of words.

I use to feel like this, and sometimes I still do. Could pertray of emotions. Keep up the good work. ^_^

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