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for This is why I love you....My Dark God...

7/24/2003 c1 17Water-Fairy13
It's really amazing. I have the same feelings for someone. You've written what i could not. Wonderful job and keep it up.
10/19/2002 c1 17Jesseka
omg this poem is hella good and speaks to soo much truth, well at least to me, and had alot of those feelings that are mentioned in your peom, u are a great write keep up the good work, but if ya want r&r it isn't as good as yours but if ya want please r&r.
10/19/2002 c1 8MysticSorceror
This is so amazing, like your other work you have really caught me in this, if you want to talk and have MSN add me I'd love to get to know you better
10/16/2002 c1 Jedi Prophetess
You have definetly got talent. You are able to put passion into your words. I love it. Keep writing.
8/10/2002 c1 bLoOdYhAnDs
i noe exactly how u feel.. i lub it
8/10/2002 c1 reindeer
excellent poem...loved the content..the form..the way you said what you felt.

8/10/2002 c1 39iustus
Umn, not that I didn't like this, but I think this expression would have been done better in a story.
8/10/2002 c1 24Ed Girl

no words of praise could tell u how i feel about the poem

LOL it blew me away

i luv the chopped sentences idea

im interested to read more of your poems in the future

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