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7/8/2005 c1 Discombobulated
This was an awsome story! When are you going to write the sequel? Please let me know. Send me an e-mail . Thank-you Discombobulated
10/19/2004 c14 2hurricane1
please make a sequal...anywayz...dis is a really good story...but u hv to make a sequel and it wil be awesome! lol! anyway...please make a sequel!
8/9/2003 c5 starryeyedchic
Stop watching Alias.

Be original, you can do it.
6/23/2003 c14 1Talvaigo
Ohh...good story! I wanna read more! More more more! Oh darn...there is no more...

_-_Dark Mew_-_
1/30/2003 c1 gorolock
You asked me a question about my fanfic. You asked "What made you write this?"

I never considered answering your question because I didn't think it was necessary.

But if you want to know why I write this, let me tell you that I am a irreligious man. Besides i thought parodying Jesus Christ was cute.
1/22/2003 c1 3Zauriel
Interesting myster. Shows good potential. I'll read it later.

Take care, Jenny. Bye.
10/10/2002 c13 Silver-Dragon
Well things just aren't getting any easier for Rachel and Brian are they? Keep it up.

10/4/2002 c11 6Silver-Dragon5
Its good to see that you have written more. This is a really good story and you have got some very good ideas. I hope that you don't end up ending it soon. I think that if you thought about it you could be able to make the story a bit longer. I hate to see it end too soon. Oh, well even if you do end it, are you going to write a sequel? You have plenty of mystery and ideas to do so if you want.

Nevermind about people who pick on you for your grammer and such things as long as you've got a good idea and you play it out right, (which you are doing0. Keep it up.

9/27/2002 c2 luvs-dancin02
WTF? Haven't you heard of spaces?
9/27/2002 c1 MacGyverMagic
Your story mught be interesting, but the layout really put me off. If you put in some blank lines readers will find it easier to read.

Please try to change that and I might try it again.
9/7/2002 c10 Silver-Dragon5
What happened at the beginning of your tenth chapter? Is it supposed to be like that? I had a bit of trouble understanding who was talking to Rachel in that last chapter. Did it say who it was or wasn't it supposed to be there?

Well I'm definately hooked. It has a good story line and I hope to see more chapters soon. And I hope that you don't end this in only 1 or 2 more chapters like you said you might. It has so much more potential. Keep writing! I'll keep reading!
8/20/2002 c2 Kayrie
i like so far. but it is hard to keep who is talking-the hypens dont help.

just a few grammar tips:

when someone is talking, use a new paragraph. always.

it is too run together-try breaking it up.

ok im done nit picking now ;)
8/15/2002 c6 mysterywriter5
i like, i like. don't leave me in suspense. write more please! you could use a little more detail, and sometimes i have to think for a little bit to figure out who's talking, but i really like the storyline and will be checking for reviews!
8/13/2002 c1 1leira7
Great story, but the guy in the hockey mask was a little much. Well, keep writing, I'd like to find out what happens. Just after the names of who is talking, put a hyphen (-). I was a little confused with that. Also, a little more description would be good, like who Timothy is and where Lisa (Rachel) got stabbed in the hospital.

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