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6/26/2003 c1 3letylyf
really neat! i love the way you play about with words and definitions.. pretty cool!
5/16/2003 c1 4Blargh213213
That's a really good piece. I love all the allusions to not only those forbidden feelings which we can't admit, but the defects of human nature.
11/25/2002 c1 24yamishadows2222
Its hard to not care about nothing but sometimes its all to easy*Sigh*Just to sit and stare at the wall and do nothing...

Write more soon!^^


11/6/2002 c1 41Sushi-San
that was intense. a pretty good poem i think!

please r&r my stuff too! ^-^
9/17/2002 c1 8karma-princess
great poem, i think you should keep writing, ur great!
9/7/2002 c1 50ScarletDreamer
this is a really great poem.I like the figurative language that you used in it.Keep up the work!Bravo!

9/2/2002 c1 24Tara Cools
woWie! i really liked this! especially how you concluded it with the title. it's perfect!

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