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for Three Guinea pigs and a cat

2/7/2003 c1 4Adro
Sorry I don't have time to read your story yet so I'm leaving a review saying my next chapter is up c-ya!
12/22/2002 c5 13RedLady
"Or you will become the same fate as the frogs."

What? Threatening your readers? Naughty, naughty! LOL.

Great chapter. I wonder what happened to the frogs. @

It's a mystery, isn't it! Oh well. I still love this story because it's so cute!

HAve fun these holidays, my right hand woman... (Until I think of another name... body gaurd? Nah... comrad in arms? Maybe? Slayer sister? No... that sounds a bit satanic! I'll think of something better soon.)

11/12/2002 c4 4NinjaRage
yo! LOong time no..well see..i guess.Anyway..this story rulz...Itz very cute.I love guinea pigs still and now i`ve got a buunnnyy rabbit!Itz so cute and they`re all sooo cute together...

This story is great!

bye bye!

10/25/2002 c4 RedLady
Wow! Great as always Karma! The guinea pigs are cute as always as well as the fish. But what happened to the frogs! I hope we find out soon. I'm glad you worked on this! I LOVE GUINEA PIGS! (Hugs 3 guinea pigs at once.)

Heh heh. Anyway, time to go lead my guinea pig army against the ever invading pop ups! @
9/20/2002 c3 13RedLady
Never heard of a cat eating a fat roly-poly guinea pigs! (Don't know, just felt like calling them that.)

My two cats just ignore my guinea pig. In fact I think one of them is actually scared of the guinea pig. But I guess if they are still little baby guinea pigs then the cat might want to eat them. But still, I've never heard of guinea pigs getting eaten by kitties!

Great chapter! Sadie! Heh heh.

: )
8/31/2002 c2 4NinjaRage
yahh! This is so cute and cool!Thanx for reviewing my poem noone really has!oh well I shouldn`t get upset!This is so cute..I love guinea pigs!Well good bye!
8/29/2002 c2 13RedLady

That is the best story ever! I love guinea pigs and CATS! HAH HAH! Cats can be clueless when their "prey" won't stop hiding! HA Ha! I wish I could see your garden. I live in an apartment so no pets or gardens for me.

But that is ok. I'll just imagine yours. : )

Someone even told me about this story but I told them I already knew. Hehe.

Have fun writing because that is the only thing that really matters.

From one animal lover to another...

8/18/2002 c1 RedLady
That was great and I find myself trying to remember who everyone is again. heh heh. I can't wait till you start the next story. It will be sooo fun! And do you know of anyone else who has done a guinea pig story. because I don't. I wsa gonna do one but I don't have time. Heh heh.

Tell me when you write the next one. In a month, eh?

: )
8/16/2002 c1 4NinjaRage
howdy!This is so cute!it`s been along time sence I`ve read you!I love this!Well bye!


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