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9/17/2003 c1 nonamenonamenonameblah
That's so kawaii! I loved that.
8/20/2002 c1 63Lisa Robinson
Confuzzling, but thats what gives it itz.. Oopmh and.. Unique-ness and stuff.. Great Job!
8/20/2002 c1 50ScarletDreamer
this reminds me of an episode of Friends,heehee.It's the episode where they all keep using the word'know'.Like Rachel would say,"I know that she knows that he knows that they know,but they don't know that I know that they know...ya know?"heehee.oki,well,it was something like that!anyways...this poem was cute :)keep up the work!

8/19/2002 c1 55Fire of the Vampire
Confusing. I like it, and I think I understand. Not completely sure, but I think so . . . you know? :P This is good!

God Bless

Much Love

Later Daze

- Kacie
8/15/2002 c1 32charisma1525
I liked that. It's a little confusing, but that's what I like about it.

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