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for always a reason

8/6/2010 c3 7AlysonSkye
So good! The only thing is that it seriously needs to be proofread, there are many gramatical errors.
7/18/2006 c19 27MC Romance

You made me cry when JR died! *Sniffs*

Great ending. 0.0
7/18/2006 c10 MC Romance
Oh my god. ROFLMAO. "What have I told you" "Not in the van".
8/2/2004 c19 41Stefen
That was good! I like it! You shouldn't have killed JR though. He was a sweetie
7/25/2004 c19 downforthecount
I loved your story. All the twists and turns. It was amazing. Thank you for writing it.
4/28/2004 c19 26pneumothorax
rofl. yaay you finished it. glad they didnt all die :)
4/28/2004 c16 pneumothorax
4/28/2004 c10 pneumothorax
“Hey, you ass hole, my baby didn’t do anything!” Joey screamed laying over Alex’s bleeding form and ripping some cloth from his shirt to wrap the cut.
“Neither did mine!” JR screamed childishly in a very un-JR-like voice.
- aw. that was so sweet. aw dammit!
4/28/2004 c6 pneumothorax
lmao. this is indrecibly random. im just re-reading it .. it really strikes me how strange it but then you said you're strange o i guess it all figures. won't stop me reading though lol.
2/20/2004 c19 96Liebe Sasa
Damn. That was... Wow. I loved it.
Great twists, great characters...
12/27/2003 c18 xdemolitionxloversx
ok. So none of that really happened? So JR and birdie never, and...whoa...well...I LOVE THIS STORY! ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES!
12/27/2003 c10 xdemolitionxloversx
hey...I really like your story. I couldn't find it for a while, cause I forgot the title, but then I looked at my favorite authors and found you and the story. I felt like a moron.. but I want to point out that butter knifes cannot break the skin. I have tried alot. I even tried to stab myself with it, but they cannot break the skin...just had to tell you...anyways, I love the story!
9/18/2003 c19 Purged Account
I think I am probably much more excited than you are. This sounds so good. I had a feeling you would do something along these lines. I like it.

I cant wait until its posted.
9/17/2003 c19 150SpawnMeister666
I dont know about anyone else but I'm certainly excited and looking backward to reading your sequel once written. So get on with it! Please!

9/17/2003 c18 SpawnMeister666
Cool twist at the end...although I was kinda suspecting something like that after the head in the revolving door episode...that one was just a little too surreal to be real, if you get my drift!

Anyway, great job, gonna go read the 'taster for the sequel now'

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