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4/18/2005 c8 10Jaz108
heysry i hevent reviewed every chapter.. but i jsut wanted to get on with the story. its good.. i like it.. and about the age difference... its not impossible to be 2gether with someone older.. my sorta bf is older than me...

4/22/2004 c8 1SpeckledEmu
Oh man... I LOVE IT. PLEASE keep writing! You havent updated it in like over 2 years! Pretty please with sugar on top... PLEASE!
3/23/2004 c8 8Adema22Angel
Great story.
2/16/2004 c8 1Stillicidium
I love your dialogue! This is great, keep going!
Hoorah! Fiona Apple!
And you are extremely correct:Homework is a bitch.
1/27/2004 c8 4That Girl You Love
*claps* Bravo, cherie. I adored the simplicity of it all. You wrote to suit the character (whom I adore, adore). The banter is witty, (something most writers cannot accomplish without being corny) and to the point. I loved it! *beam* Please write more! T'anks!
12/9/2003 c8 zagato
Great story! Please update.
11/3/2003 c8 74Etheral
Great job! I like Trent. I also like the age difference between him and Maris.

Have you heard Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit? It's a cool song! Really, really cool!

Update soon!

8/20/2003 c8 MeTaLgLoW
i love your story! it's so funny, keep updating it's really good
8/3/2003 c8 CaleeChanteuse03
eii! so cute! how sweet! keep up the good work! and by the way, Trent's really hot! hehehe, at least in my mind he is!
7/30/2003 c8 Fire Opal
Hey still love this writing! I love it when Trent kisses her, how romantic and I really want to read more! Please write more soon!
7/24/2003 c1 Fire Opal
ok i know you've already got loads of reviews for this but this is really really good, you should try and get it published or somthing.
7/16/2003 c8 4tinned tornado
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed before but I truely think your story is cool. I am dying to know what Maris' secret is. Rhoda sings Finona Apple? That cool, I love Fiona Apple. Anyway keep it up.

Abi x x
7/5/2003 c8 7Liriel87
I really like it, its alot like Daria, but thats cool. It sucked when they took the show off the air! oh and im thinking you should escelate on the whole trent-cooking thing. Professional Chef's can make a TON of money. Oh and I have a clauda ring too, love it! Later Days

6/25/2003 c8 8Hairspray
I LOVE your story! It's so original, as well as the characters. I really love the way Maris and Rhoda carry on conversations, it's very enjoyable to read. And Trent! He's SO awesome. You SO have to update soon!
6/5/2003 c8 Xtreme Nuisance
OMG! THAT WAS GREAT! O.o MORE PLZ! it might now have been updated since... *counts* last august, but I STILL LOVE IT! MORE PLZ! first good story I've had to read in a long time. : D
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