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5/24/2003 c8 Zabella
Awesome story...be great going out with a guy that was bi sexual, best of both worlds!
5/18/2003 c8 passion101
this story is very different from anything that I have ever read before, but I love it! Trent is awesome, except for the whole bisexual thing. But oh well, Maris and Trent are good for each other.
12/31/2002 c8 DejectedForever
Hey, you haven't updated in months.
12/7/2002 c8 Bunny
This story of yours is, I must say, absolutely hilarious. Some of the witticisms and repartees throughout the chapters nearly had be falling off my chair with laughter. Maris and Rhoda are real pieces of work. But the drama and tension are nice too. And everything all peachy on New Years Eve...bets on how long that lasts? Can't wait to hear Rhoda sing Fiona Apple. ^-^ I know what the title's translation is, by the way. Leilani was a main character in a book I read and it contained it's meaning. It means "Heavenly Flower" in Hawaiian, doesn't it? I wonder how that applies to the story. I suppose I'll just have to wait. Update soon!
11/30/2002 c8 32Cryptic Insanity
AWWWWWWWW,this chapter was so sweet!BTW this is punkish freak,I had a name change.

Trent kissed her,awwwww!
11/20/2002 c8 5Ellie101
I like! especially- 'Maris was right. Ponytails did come in useful when you were in the throes of passion. Although she wasn’t exactly in the throes of passion, kissing Drew was like an orgasmic experience all on its own.'


I can't wait to see you continue this!

Please update soon!
11/20/2002 c6 Ellie101
:::chuckling::: Gertie cracks me up. Great comic relief!
11/20/2002 c2 Ellie101
Ok. I was going to wait to review until I had read all of the chapters that you've posted, but I found that I couldn't move on to the next chapter until I told you how increadibly apt this line was:

'She was a straight-D student who spent the whole period preening in the reflection on the chrome of the sink next to her.'

*Now I say 'apt' because- believe it or not, not only have I seen girls that have done this and worse- but it's just plain amusing! =)
11/9/2002 c8 24Tara Cools
ahh this chapter was so good! i loved every bit about it...especially the ending *winks* ahh trent sounds so sweet...can't wait till the next chapter!
11/9/2002 c7 Tara Cools
awww...why did she turn down the famous mistletoe gimmick? i thought that mavis likes trent! why?

btw- i'm adding this story to my faves! *grins*
11/9/2002 c6 Tara Cools
wowie...i haven't come back to this story for awhile now...i'm sorry i've just been really busy n then my dad cleaned out the faves on our computer *grr* i guess im kinda like mavis...i unno if i believe in god or not n my stupid english teacher ALWAYS talks about religion in class...it gets so annoying...i celebrate christmas though but in a non-religious way if that makes sense...n e who i'm rambling as usual so i'll shut up and go read more!
10/10/2002 c1 3Leilani
Please update soon! I love this story and it's been sooooo long! Can you tell I have nothing to do right now? But honestly, I have checked a couple of times to see if there's a new chapter, 'cause I want to keep reading it!
9/17/2002 c8 Dopey
9/15/2002 c8 1meloncholia
*stupid-ass grin* Duuuuuude, I love this story. Any story out of the ordinary, with all that great sarcasm, automatically attracts me. Awesome work. :)
9/2/2002 c8 3Leilani
Omg, I loved this chapter! Trent and Maris's first kiss was so perfect and sweet. They're so cute together! Yeah...I have one of those claudagh rings, they're really pretty. Unfortunately, the crown is still pointing towards me. It really is too bad Trent doesn't exist!
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