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9/2/2002 c8 Aalori Rian
Fucked up comp. This time the loading was slow an I was impatient. Last two chaps were superb, splendid, an... great. oooohooooh is everyone gon get 2gether like in couples? Update soon so I can know.(sorry i'm kina impatient damn said that already)
9/1/2002 c8 1InSyPeRangel
this is punkish freak just on a friend's name...but I know I'm kool,just liek this story,woah that was corney,but the story is good...can't wait for more!
8/31/2002 c8 4MartyMcFlyHasMyShoes
Do I like Trent? *nods* The dude rocks! Well, great chapter as usual =)
8/30/2002 c8 Maia
i wish my birthdays were as eventfull. Of course there was that one year that they forgot my b-day, but i forgave my rents. Cool story! gotta run,


8/27/2002 c7 32Cryptic Insanity
WEEEEEEEEE,i likey this story.update soon!
8/27/2002 c7 3Leilani
Great chapter.. I was laughing.. this story is pretty funny. That mistletoe thing was so cute, but why is Maris feeling so weird? hmmm... well.. i can't wait for the next part once again!
8/27/2002 c5 Leilani
Aww! Maris and Trent.. dancing.. to Every Breath You Take.. so sweet!
8/27/2002 c7 2miSteriuS
hey there! i really liked this chapter! hehe, especially the kiss...haha. you have a great sense of humor so please post more and soon! =)
8/27/2002 c7 4MartyMcFlyHasMyShoes
See, why don't they make guys like Trent in real life huh? *lol* He's sweet! (And he cooks... dude!) Know how ya feel bout the h/work. I got a whole summer's college work to get done this next week *groan* Ah well. Peace out. :p
8/26/2002 c6 White Tigress
My computers been realy fucked up so I coulden't review. Loved the party great job, Maris blushng didn't really expect that. Trent seems cuter every time you write about him. This chapter was fucking great! Gertie seemed really annoying. I'm an atheist 2 so I can relate. ( been through 2 much shit 2 belive in god) Trent and Maris & eva.

Rock On
8/26/2002 c6 MartyMcFlyHasMyShoes
I will grant u my special karaoke version of Thunder Road if you keep the chapters coming dude... *lol* Cool as always. =)
8/26/2002 c6 qtpiez
oh wow, u posted fast. haha well u had a funny chater here...so gertie is based on a real life person eh? interesting...she sounds very very very stupid to even be called human =P well nice chapter so please continue soon! =)
8/25/2002 c5 qtpiez
oh wow, this is a nice story! please continue!
8/25/2002 c5 MartyMcFlyHasMyShoes
Hey! Eeee you did more! *lol* I luv this story... if I said that already, apologies! And yeah tramps-like-us is from Born To Run, by the fecking excellent Bruce Springsteen... glad someone noticed! =) Anyways keep updating.
8/25/2002 c4 3Leilani
Awesome chapter! I love this story so much- all the characters are really cool. I can't wait for the next part!
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