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for My Sanity’s running away from me

3/8/2003 c1 41WalkingOnWater
that was so friggin intense! Strangely enough i don't have Quote: "goths" in my school, but i really don't see anything wrong with them either. Hey yea that seriously was so crazy shit the last one should be a rap cuse it sounds like it would make a good one! Hehe, rap raper gar gar! no pune intended. GO GO GO GADGET STUPIDNESS!

going on to your next stuff!
10/24/2002 c1 11waterprincess
where have u gone?

talk to me



ps-u'r scaring me

but great poem
9/6/2002 c1 24Vilestar
it's okay amber, the bugs will be gone soon, then we just have to live with the cold. wee! yes stupid labels. grr.
9/6/2002 c1 1MariaFeriera
the poems were stellar-i can relate a lot to the second one though. labeling doesn't even accomplish anything in the first place. i don't like being classified and labeled like an object on sale. (well, obviously, you don't either) i think i'll stop now while i'm still ahead
8/27/2002 c1 Rini
Quite intresting... I liked the second one better than the first. But good and different either way. Keep it up ^_~
8/21/2002 c1 1Damien Buck
XD Those poems rule! I loved the end of that last one:

So don't you say

So don't you pretend

So don't even think I am

Or else I'll take this knife and slit your throat

Just cause I'm that insane

Awesomeness. Preps used to call me Goth at school, but with the school I'm going to, I'm positive that they won't call me that anymore. ^_^ Yay me! Anywho, I hope life'll treat you well (or it might be already. I dun really know). Bye bye!
8/20/2002 c1 55Fire of the Vampire
Very dark. I didn't exactly like the first one, but the second was pretty good. I hate being called things I'm not, and from this poem, I can tell you dislike it too.

God Bless

Much Love

Later Daze

- Kacie

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