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for War: The Segregation of Powers

6/11/2003 c1 Frojo

needs work, not a lot of detail. also, very short.

needs description- i have no idea of what anything looks like

the past also needs to be explained a little bit, to clarify things.
6/11/2003 c15 13KayjaD
AH! It's all over! :'( sad times. but on to LOVE! :) hehehe. I'm way excited! keep up the awesome work, Shallie, I love it I love it I love it!

~Lady Pompeius~
6/8/2003 c14 KayjaD
AHH! Finally, Shal has returned to the writing-board! :) How wonderful. I loved it, chica. It was cute and very interesting. I can't wait for more, that's for sure! Keep it up!

Muchos amore,

Lady Pompeius
4/18/2003 c13 KayjaD
I LOVED IT! :-D Of course. Wonderful chapter. It honestly was long enough for me, I just had to read what happened next or my head was gonna explode. :) heehee...well, I hope to read more soon, and I will make sure to work on /my/ end of the rope soon. :)

Thanks and keep it up! -

-Kayla, Lady Pompeius! :)-heehee
3/9/2003 c11 KayjaD
OF COURSE! I LOVE IT! :-D what else am I to say to a masterpiece such as this? Great job once again, I'm so excited that you are writing this.woohoo! -Luvs! Lady Kayla Pompeius
1/27/2003 c10 li wei
make longer chapters! and update soon k?
1/26/2003 c10 KayjaD
Hey hey hey! :) I love this story, even though you told me this chapter was short, I love it! :) This is so awesome. Keep it up, gurlie! :)

-Kay aka Lady Pompeius :)
12/27/2002 c9 KayjaD
NOoOo! It stops here? This is awesome! and I love my character interaction. I never play the "bad girl" hehehe...I'm soo loving this. Do write more soon!:)-K
12/24/2002 c8 KayjaD
AHHHHHHHHHh! Bravisimo! Wonderful as usual. I loved it, girl! Keep up your awesome work. I hope that you have a wonderful christmas and I am totally looking forward to your next chapter! ==K==
12/24/2002 c1 1Cris-X
Merry Christmas, LAdy Shalott
12/11/2002 c7 13KayjaD
Oh My Gods that was amazing, girlie! You know I love this story. I totally love where this is going! Do write more, I pray your muse treats you well! :) hehehe-Kay
12/11/2002 c7 li wei
one word... update!
11/27/2002 c5 KayjaD
Whoo! this is amazing, Shal. :-D I'm so glad muses are on our sides, maybe just for the holiday season, I dunno, hahaha...Keep up the awesome work, I'm totally diggin it so far. I'm currently working on my fic so I can get it up and running. I hope to talk to you soon and read more on this. mmmmm...Pompey.. lol! Jeremy Callaghan of course. hehe. :-D~~K
8/21/2002 c1 The Red Fox Camio
The story is quite good, but at the beginning it is a bit confusing. You might want to read through it to fix the typos, nothing too big. Can't wait to find out what happened!

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