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for Tea with Snow White

6/25/2003 c1 Baby Milo
Wow, that's so good!
3/24/2002 c1 1Sawnya
Very descriptive, provocative, and sad at the same time. Well done.
7/25/2001 c1 5RainbowTerrorist
That was beautiful. I thought I already reviewed this but if so, it didn't show. I really felt for the old man even though he was killing people..aww. Very original idea *jumps out her window*
12/31/2000 c1 NightAngel
Alas! I couldn't read it, the font is WAY too small.
11/1/2000 c1 4Pheonix182
This a sad kind of story, but it's weird because the entire time I'm reading this I feel for the old man, and this old man is killing people off one by one. This goes to show how well you can twist the situation around... I like that. You do have a few spelling errors here and there, but don't we all?
10/24/2000 c1 Tara
Wow... great work. Very creepy... I'll be sure and avoid tea, thats for sure =) Keep it up, I'd love to read more of your stuff!
10/20/2000 c1 Michelle Riddle1
haha! Great ending. I thought the old man got just what he deserved after killing all of those girls. It was very fitting that he died by the apple, after all he did. Great story.
10/19/2000 c1 meg
The story is truly amazing. So vivid the perfect describtion of a man obsessed with a youth he threw away.
10/18/2000 c1 B.A. Paxton
Wow! Your story was very chilling! It makes you think twice about how well you really know people. Is that old man down the street the person I think he is? :)

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