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3/28/2004 c1 fatema
I have read your story to the end (so far). I then turned to your biography, and noticed how you mentioned some people comparing your work to something of Jane Austen's. I must admit, I thought so too; yet, there is something quite different in your style than other writers in this site. You are, obviously, very talented, and you possess a certain charm in your writing that is quite intriguing and attractive, as well as enjoyable. You remain true to a certain style, never change tones, or confuse readers. You are clear and concise, and your details are elaborate and refreshing. I can picture the stories you have created. It gives me the same pleasure as in reading a Jane Austen novel (who is my favorite author). But I must stress that your writing is unique. And should you decide to publish FOUR SISTERS, I would immediately purchase it. I enjoy reading your work greatly, and find myself eager for the updated chapters. Thank you : )
3/25/2004 c4 Butterfly Radcliffe
Wow! I love this story so far! It's just so great! I really don't know what else to say... Actually Grace has the exact personality of my sister, and I'm just like Hope which makes this story so much more interesting for me... Just beautiful job.
~Faith, Hope and Love
3/23/2004 c21 encbks
I would like to see the interaction between the children and Faith. That is the reason she is there.
3/23/2004 c21 8Hotkitty
Ur such a gud riter! The way u write this its just so Jane Austen i luv it! U shud try 2 get this published its excellent!
I hope Joshua and faith get 2gether properly soon!
3/22/2004 c21 8Little Comet
This is really awesome! Was there something Grace was trying to tell her sister, or did I just misunderstand it?
3/22/2004 c21 my works 87
Oh I absolutely love this story. This period in time is my absolute favorite (you know the whole Emma, Pride and Prejudice time period) I just love it! And you've captured this period so nicely that I just want to read on forever. You're really an amazing, very mature writer, which is very respectable. I hope to see more out of this story soon. Faith is my favorite story, followed closely by Grace, who is then followed by Hope. I'm a little unsure about Charity, as her superficialness (yes I think that word is made up) has me kind of deterred. Ya know? But I think you have great potential there also just because you're such a good writer that you have potential ANYWHERE! So even though you JUST updated, I would really love if you added another chapter onto this story since I'm dying to see what happens next. And sigh, it will be another FOUR chapters before a Faith POV. Sigh (again)
3/22/2004 c21 5Knightengale
Faith is such a strong person. I'd have to say, out of all of the sisters, I admire her most. She's not my favorite, but she definitely garners the most respect from me. I have high hopes for her and Joshua, because I refuse to believe that the only reason Joshua married her is because he needed a governess but didn't really want an actual governess, so married Faith since she just happened to stumble into his path. I think there must be some feelings (I'm not saying love, exactly) on his part, secret or unacknowledge though they may be.
And Grace, choose Alexander. No, wait, find out why's he's been acting so weird, then choose him! =P
3/22/2004 c21 40Death Princess
o u UPDATED! YAY! IM SO HAPPY! God ive got a cold at the moment so i carry on sneezing... lol... Faith is so cool she is definitely my fave and i have a feelin Meckenzie Smith is actually Sir Ashford! im tellin u he is. wait thats stupid tellin u since ur the author... lol... blame the cold im not feeling well! btw PLZ UPDATE SOON! I SERIOUSLY LUV UR FIC and Joshua is so FIT!
3/22/2004 c21 2Cassandra Flavius
Yay, finally i get to read about my favourite! this is a cute chapter, I hope i get to see another one soon!
3/22/2004 c19 Morning Mist1
Whoops. You haven't read "Little Women," eh? Haha, my mistake! They *are* very similar, though, whether you like that "rubbish" or not. ^_^
3/22/2004 c21 Morning Mist1
Oh, wow- this was an amazingly quick update. Thank you! I always enjoy Faith's chapters, too. ^_^
3/21/2004 c21 Little Comet
What does Grace have wrong with her marring Joshua.
This reminds me of Jane Eyre! IT's wonderful!
3/21/2004 c21 Ailenat
YOU UPDATED! yay! Grace is by far my favourite character, and Faith a close second. Keep writing! i want to know what happens next
3/21/2004 c21 7Liriel87
Ok. . . faith needs some love in her life. Get it going. And Grace. . . she is the last person you would expect to have to people in love with her. gah. stupid stupid boys. its all their fault. im blaming it all on them. haha great chapter! and you updated fairly soon! hooray!
3/21/2004 c21 4anatidaephobiac
Poor Grace... which guy will she choose? (I like Mackenzie-Smith better;)... for Grace at least) Update soon!
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