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1/19/2004 c19 8Little Comet
I love this! This chapter is so intruiging!
1/17/2004 c19 7Liriel87
i admire Faith so much! She is such a good person, and i hope she does find love. Sigh. Well this was a great chapter. . . please please please please update sooner! i love this story soo much and it always takes forever for an update! so please update soon!
1/15/2004 c19 lostintheshadows
yay! you updated...I've been waiting for a while :P This is really good, can't wait for the next chapter...
1/14/2004 c19 3slyraven
im so happy u finally updated ur story ive been waitin for what seems like forever. its a really good story and u go into such great detail and lenght. its not choppy at all. i really like it
1/12/2004 c19 ck
I loved the chapter. I can't until you write another chapter. Update as soon as you can. Thank You.
1/12/2004 c19 Catie
I just spent.. an extremely long time reading through this entire story. It's wonderful! I wish I'd found it sooner!
1/12/2004 c19 2Cassandra Flavius
Yay! You're finally written another chapter! Is there something going between Robert and Becky? I fear something will go terribly wrong for Hope... Anyway, and faith is as nice as ever, of course!
1/12/2004 c19 pinkmoonbunny2002
i was so happy when i got the e-mail that chapter 19 was out. can't wait to read more. ^_-
1/12/2004 c19 40Death Princess
WOW! Yay a new chappie! im tellin u robert and beckys relationship aint normal! yes i know im very superstitous! lol anywayz great chappie and plz update since i cant wait 4 faiths bit. She is officially my fave sister! i dunno wether its 2 do wiv her bein the oldest and me also bein the oldest of so many sisters or her personality. i rekon shes alot like me! ok im soundin pathetic! UPDATE!
1/11/2004 c19 5Knightengale
Hope is so naive...the poor girl. I am extremely wary of her fiance-to the point of actually disliking him.
The money is from Joshua, isn't it? I can't remember if that's been mentioned already or not. But then again the letter was addressed to Grace, so I don't know.
1/7/2004 c1 anna banana
i really love your story, and wish you would update soon. i think Faith is my favorite sister, because she's not afraid to state her opinion when it's important, but she knows how to pick her battles and employ a certain grace and diplomacy. your story really reminds me a lot of Little Women, there are quite a few parallels between the sisters of the March family and your four sisters. please update soon!
12/27/2003 c18 40Death Princess
Well! gotta say this stry is GUD! i luv it! i seriously find this kindof stuff EXCELLENT! anywayz ive got sum suspicions on sum ov the characters' motives. 4 example i dun really trust Robert n Alexander dosent seem 2 be who he sayz he is(hint hint) and that Joshua guy i seriously like him! hes so cool! newayz plz update soon and i wud appreciate it if u cheked out my work tho i dun have a lot so it wont take long!
12/22/2003 c18 Baloo
I just read all eighteen chapters in one go, and now I'm sad because there's no more. :( I'm not quite sure who my favourite sister is yet... Charity is amusing, though too spoiled and self-centered to be someone I'd root for. Hope... well, she's sweet and romantic, but-like Charity points out-she can be annoyingly sweet... she's just too optimistic, I feel at times like shaking some sense into her. Grace is entertaining since she's so free with her opinions, and doesn't bother to cater to what others expect of her. But I suppose in the end I would have to go with Faith-especially when she displays that sharp tongue that's more characteristic of Grace, and then she immediately feels contrite afterward. I thought it was so sweet the lengths she was willing to go to, to secure Hope's happiness (even though I have a feeling that match between her and Robert is not going to work out in the end). It's also extremely entertaining to go through and predict who's going to end up with whom... although with each additional chapter, I seem to update my choices. :) And I would really get a kick out of things if Charity *did* end up with Charles in the end (after all of her and her mother's contriving!). But in any case, I can't wait to see where this goes next.
10/28/2003 c18 Guest
lol, great story..update!
10/27/2003 c1 zagato
This will be exciting and very amusing! Those names are quite splendid. I have to read more.
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