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for Four Sisters

8/20/2003 c18 anna
omg, please make it so *charlotte* marries sir ashford, becuz that would upset charity, and i really don't like charity. i want her to lose and charlotte to win, haha!
8/20/2003 c18 crazed reviewer
ooh(shivers), i'm REALLY starting not to like Charity at ALL. spoiled brat...lol, good chapter, wat were they up to in the bakery...tsk tsk..Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/19/2003 c17 ck
Please write the next chapter soon. I can't wait to see what happens in this story. Please hurry up.
8/18/2003 c11 6Secretive
Oh! Even better! she should get together with Mr. Mackenzie-Smith! I know I said Frank before, but Frank isn't exactly her type. She's obviously feeling things for Alexander. (what is with everybody having my little brother's name?) Maybe Frank is more Hope's type-I'm only saying that because everyone seems to think that Robert isn't right for her, but he is perfect! Oh, and I really don't like Charity, the last chapter really drove that point home. But she does seem to care about her sisters...
8/17/2003 c17 Melancholy Butterfly
Please update soon!
8/16/2003 c6 Secretive
She laughed! And she needs to stop being like me! She needs to open her heart to Frank! He seems like a geniunlly nice guy! That or he needs to be more forcefully, I know-it takes a very strong person to break through walls you put up after you lose something so important to you. It has yet to happen to me, I'm having to do it myself, and that's kinda hard...Anyways, she needs to get it through her thick skull! She really cares for him! And as soon as she opens her heart again, she realize the deepth of these feelings! Okay, I've ranted. I now I know there IS a man for everyone of the sisters, which is good. I'm going to go back to reading.
8/16/2003 c5 Secretive
Okay, I've meet all the girls, and I've got to say: I still like Grace the best, but Faith is very good too. Truth is, I'm probably more of a Hope-but with a plenty of Grace mixed in. I don't know, I just really don't like Charity. Sorry. And your writing is SO wonderful, I came back to read, and I just couldn't stop. You reminded me why I like history so much. Thanks! And this just sounds great, everybody has someone-at least a guy meeting-except Grace. maybe her's is coming up in the next chapter. Oh, I wonder how she would react to Faith display! I would break out laughing. Anyways, on to your story! Only to tear my eyes away later to review again. This is so GOOD!
8/16/2003 c17 Debby
This story is very interesting!Well done!Keep up your great job!Bravo!
8/12/2003 c4 jd burns
So Hope *does* fancy Robert, huh? LOL

This is cute!
8/12/2003 c3 jd burns
This story kind of has undertones of "Pride and Prejudice", doesn't it? Grace kind of reminds me of Elizabeth Bennett. She's the level-headed, well-readed daughter in her family as well.

The sisters are pretty distinct from each other, aren't they?
8/8/2003 c1 ck
You have to hurry up and write a new chapter soon. This is great.
8/8/2003 c17 becks
more more please !
8/6/2003 c2 Secretive
Okay, I can really relate to Grace, and I know I'm only the second chapter. But I think I already like her character. Of course now I could go figure out Faith, Hope, and Charity...Did you get this idea from reading Little Wemon? It's diffrent then that, I'm just asking. Anyway, GREAT story!
8/4/2003 c17 ck
This is a really great story. Hurry up and write some more. I can't wait until the next chapter is up.
8/4/2003 c17 polo
omg more more more
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