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for Four Sisters

4/21/2006 c1 Strawberry122
I don't know if you said it, but what year or years does your story take place? Please update soon. I love this story!
3/6/2006 c21 Gabby
I am in love with Grace! not like that, but you know what I mean. She is my favorite character, and I love the entirety of the story as well. update soon!
2/26/2006 c9 dissconnected
hm... I really love fictions branching off of Pride and Prejudice. This is tasteful writing. Lemme guess: Grace is of course Elizabeth, Hope is a less frivolous Lydia (maybe Kitty after her brain has been cleansed of Lydia's negative influence), Charity is more alike to Lydia but with an ambition for money that the fifth sister did not exhibit when she chose to marry Wickham impulsively. Um, Faith, she is original, with a bit of Mary's situtation incorporated, but she shares Jane's sweet, responsible nature. As for Alexander Smith-MacKenzie, is he an inner Wickham? Is Sandy a less arrogant, shy Mr. DARCY?
2/14/2006 c21 1QueeninmyDreams
So what happens next? Please write more, because this is an enchanting tale and I want to know how it ends.
1/10/2006 c21 MimiGhost
lurve da ficupdate son
12/24/2005 c21 7Salt and Vinegar Pringles
Oh man! You can't leave it there! I really want to know what will happen to Grace concerning the two Alexanders? I was just wondering, perhaps Alexader Mackenzie-Smith may actually be an Ashford, instead? Oh man. I wanna know, I know you have all the knowledge of what's going on later in the story inside your head... update soon? wonderful story!
12/13/2005 c21 MB
Haha, define 'soon'. I love this fic.! :)
11/30/2005 c21 Aislinn Valkyrie
Hey, I am really impressed by this entire story. None of it is too cliched, you have impecable grammer and vocabulary, and your characters are well formed. I love your story line, and I really want Faith to fall in love . . .Please update soon! Thanks, Estherp.s. I think that the barbs which Charity and her cousin administer each other are a little bit too sharp. But, all the better for the character.
10/8/2005 c21 Dawn
I'm REALLY loving this. All of your characters are wonderfully portrayed, but I think I favor Grace and Faith most, as their situations are so entralling. I hope you continue this story, but it's been over a year since you've updated...oh well, I can hope, right?
9/11/2005 c21 6summers-end
Great story. It reminds me of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, one of my favourite books.

I do hope you update soon. I am quite interested in Grace's situation. I'm going to guess at something here. I believe Mr. Mackenzie-Smith isn't who he says he is. I think he's actually Sir Ashford and "Sandy" is a friend of his. I think they switched names because of all the gold-digger girls and mamas in the village.

That would be really interesting. I really DO hope you update soon. I'm really curious to find out what will happen next.

Update soon! :D

8/21/2005 c21 Sweetie Pie
Have you decided to abandon this one?
8/17/2005 c1 16Theory Of The 4th Dimension
Nice and sweet touch. The names of the characters contain a lot of symbolism which I would probably think would influence the motives and actions of the characters throughout the story. i'll read the rest. A long way to go!=)
8/15/2005 c21 Silver Plum
I love the faith storyline, dislike charity, like grace, and sorta want to smack hope in the face. lol Please UPDATE!
8/7/2005 c21 Dawn
Why are we waiting?
8/1/2005 c1 2Cassandra Flavius
Please update this story soon... *puppy dog eyes*
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