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5/5/2003 c13 sarah
Alright, Faith is DEFINITELY my favorite now. Joshua Darlington better be a very convenient widow too! Faith is NOT going to be a mistress! I mean, you know, if they end up together. I hope you don't separate the stories either, because I think it would be better since otherwise we might find out too much or too little of the other sisters stories through one of them. Or whatever. I don't know. I'll just shut the fuck up now.
5/4/2003 c13 LazyDaze06
cool story. my fav character is grace. she's well opinionated. charity is a selfish conceited girl though. hope u ^date soon.
5/1/2003 c13 8Paper Angel
I think that perhaps getting these girls through their romantic phases and then break them off into seperate stories about their conflicts and trials of being wives or whhatever. Just some thoughts.

Well, what a terrible mishap to happen at a ball and I knew that the whole Hope Robert thing wasn't going to go off without a hitch. It will work out in the end right? Right.

Boo ya! I so completely and totally called the governess part! :: does a dance :: Moving a long...

One thing that I have noticed is that each sister seems to have the same reaction to the attraction to a person. Now I know while there would be similar symptoms, I think that there would be different reactions to a point. Like not them going pale or fainting or what not. It is very important to keep them in character for a story to be properly completed. You do a pretty good job, but I do think that is the most important eliment of a story. To do acurate and faithful characterizations is what seperates a good story from a great one. ^_^
5/1/2003 c12 Paper Angel

Hmm... Well this is interesting, what a nice little plot twist. How long have Hope and Robert known each other? I have lost the entire time frame of this story. :: sigh ::

Well I really want to read the last chapter you have posted before I go to bed in about ten minutes, so I am going to press on!
5/1/2003 c11 Paper Angel
Is it just me, or does anyone else sence a sort of "Little Woman" plot twist here?

Does the wooing of Laurie and Jo resemble that of Grace and Frank? And such as the professor and Jo soon to be imitated by that of Grace and Alexander? Well well well, I might just have to revise one of my previous mental (and possibly posted) predictions!

I did like this chapter, you write well. I had a few other comments but I can't remember what they were. If I do I will bring them up in later reviews or possibly an email or two.
5/1/2003 c10 Paper Angel
I almost liked Charity in this chapter, almost. But she is a littel cruel for my taste, not in a good way either. Rebecca ammuses me. ^_^

What a humorous mix up! I am not quite sure where this plot is going but I can almost be certain that Charity doesn't end up with that Sir what's-his-face. Bleh!

Anyway, I am going to read a little more before I go to bed!
5/1/2003 c9 Paper Angel
Ah Faith, I like her too. Faith and Grace are my two favorites with Hope a close third and Charity somewhere behind dead last. I must sound like a broken record by this time, but it is true! Anyway, what an interesting turn.

Oh I so knew that they were going to run into each other into town! Dang it! Am I good or what?

A governess eh? Oh, I feel a plot prediction coming on.

Prediction: Faith becomes the Darlington governess soon to become Mrs. Darlington herself. ^_^

Only time will tell if I am correct... so onward!
5/1/2003 c8 Paper Angel

Sweet sweet Hope. She deserves to be happy, but I just know her mom is going to cause problems because he is just a baker boy. Isn't she? That is another plot prediction.

Evil mother is going to RUIN all of my ROMANTIC thoughts!

Poor Frank, he might be refused every time but I bet it hurts every time too. Dang, the poor thing...
5/1/2003 c7 Paper Angel
Charity calling another girl spoiled.

Now that made me laugh.

She is just one of those girls that I absolutely can't stand! ARGH!
5/1/2003 c6 Paper Angel
Grace, Grace, Grace, I can relate to her. Not feeling is easier than feeling, but I gave up on not feeling. It wasn't worth it.

You however have caputered her turmoil ever so well. How I do so enjoy this story and I do like Frank. I wish that Grace wouldn't be so stubborn and just allow herself to feel. But one who has been hurt has a hard time of that, don't they?

:: Sigh ::

I like your story quite a lot and I am going to go spoil myself with some more!
5/1/2003 c5 Paper Angel
Plot prediction: Joshua Darlington lost his wife somehow. (perhaps in the childbirth of their young daughter?) And will fall madly in love with our dear, sweet, :: old :: Faith.


It is a hobby of mine to try and predict plots you see, so I shall see if I am correct in this account.

One more predition: Hope is going to fall for the boy in the last chapter. And I'll be hanged that I can't remember his name, dadgumit!
5/1/2003 c4 Paper Angel
Sweet Hope. She is the mildest of the sisters, is she not? I think I will find liking in her, but I am still fond of Grace more than the others. Perhaps it is because I find that I relate to her on many levels instead of just one or two like the other sisters you have portrayed.

As for the favorite sister, I will have to abstain my vote until I have read about Faith. (Though I am partial to Grace as of now ^_^) Charity however could fall off the face of the earth and I do believe I would cheer. Though I find her to not be completely the villian, I find her annoying and trivial. People with personalities as such have always rubbed me the wrong way. So in reality I should be praising you for writing in a way that I can actually embrace or abhore the characters presented.

I admit that I have never been able to finish a Jane Austen book. I have rented them from the library and though I am a quick read, I just couldn't find myself involved enough to ever finish one of her stories. That was years ago though, so perhaps I have matured enough to enjoy her writing as I do yours.

So I am off to enjoy some more of your writing now.
5/1/2003 c3 Paper Angel
Well... I hope Charity makes herself very unhappy.


The little snip... :: growls ::

However I do like your story, it seems to flow well and I enjoy reading it. But perhaps that is just me. Oh well ^_^ I like it.
5/1/2003 c2 Paper Angel
I like Grace, I don't like Charity and I don't like the Mom. I fear that I will spell her name incorrectly so I will not attempt it here. I know not enough about the others to judge their characters yet, but you have formed an interesting situation and I do think that I will come to enjoy it. ^_^
5/1/2003 c1 Paper Angel
I have so many thoughts bouncing around in this pathetic little brain of mine to think! Agh! Your story started me thinking! Okay, so here we go.

:: deep breath ::

I can't express how stupid I think the whole male heir only idea was, but that is just me. They had to have some way to keep order didn't they. I am a bit of a feminist. As for treating woman as second class citizens, bleh on that.

But for this story it is perfect.

You have captured the mentality of the time with ease and style and for that I congratulate you.

Congratulate... what a strange word.

Anyway, take care of yourself and I am off to read some more of your story. ^_^

:: Leah ::
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