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for Four Sisters

11/2/2002 c1 2Eleia
This prologue was so much fun to read! Although the title gave away the outcome, I was still laughing to myself each time the birth revealed a daughter, and not the sought-after son.

I also liked the way you alternate between describing the hopes of Emilia and then the characteristics of each daughter.

Very nicely introduced!
11/1/2002 c9 2Pink panda
Another great chapter!

Go Faith!

And thanks for reviewing my poem :) When i wrote it i thought i was quite good, but now i've changed my mind. LOL

"One question: should "Anger over ridding confusion" be "anger overriding confusion"? I wasn't sure...no matter.

But this was an excellent first post! Now you've started, let's hope you continue. :-)"

Yup thats what i meant. I think this was a one off and dunno if i'll be writting anything else, but thankyou for your support! =)
11/1/2002 c8 Pink panda
Hi, sorry i haven't read your story for ages, but i've had a lot of work with starting college and such. I'm sure you haven't failed your exam, even if what you didn't revise came up, you always do better than you think! ;o)

So anyway on with the review...

Great chapter!

But i don't understand where Frank showed disaproval *shrug* i personally got the feeling he was more amused by Hopes innocence and obvious feelings toward Robert rather than diaproving.

I love it that Hope is so innocence and doesn't hold back her feelings (well except for not telling Robert out right she loves him, as it wouldn't be proper) Even though she hasn't said it, it must be obvious to him (unless like most blokes he is slow on the up take)I know she has been brought up a proper young lady, but i think she should just go for it and not care what anyone will think! I hope it works out for them. She doesn't care if he doesn't have much money, all she wants is true love *sigh*
10/28/2002 c9 stina
omg, i absolutely LOVE THIS! if u coud email me when update () i would love u forever! AWESOME STORY!
10/24/2002 c9 Farzana
I began reading this story this morning and I'm hooked. I think Faith is my favourite, though Grace has a certain charm as well. I can't wait to find out what happens next. Could you please include me in your update list? The e-mail is . Thank you
10/9/2002 c9 Edainme
Ohhh! I love faith now, lol! Go faith! heh, gtg, updae! NOW!
10/9/2002 c9 SailorPhi
This story is wonderful so far...I love your writing style, and it seems to fit this plot perfectly :-D

My favorite sister is Grace (Stubborn people are cool :-P) but Faith comes in a close second...and I love seeing Faith and Darlington interact :-D

I'd like to be added to your update list...my email is . Thanks so much, and keep up the great work :-D
10/7/2002 c5 broken dreamer
my goodness, what a good story! i'm always torn between liking grace and faith more: grace has more spirit, but she's kind of selfish, and doesn't see true love when it's right under her nose. faith is wonderfully selfless and wonderful, and she has joshua darlington. alright, faith is much much cooler.
10/7/2002 c9 7written off as theatrical 1986

Another brilliant chapter, of course. What else could I expect? I LOVE when Faith bursts out at Joshua like that! lol ;)

Nooooooo! October 29? That's so long from now! Sigh...could you send me an email alert?

I think it comes up when you click on my username, but if not, here it is...



Lady Ella
10/7/2002 c9 NMChist
I don't know if I ever said who I thought my favorite character was, and I don't feel like reading over my old reviews, so now I"m saying it's Faith, most definitely. I really enjoy the way she can step out of herself to speak up for the children. And I like how she shocks Mr. Darlington. I would really enjoy being put on your update list, please email me at . thanks so much, good luck with e-day.
10/6/2002 c9 Guest
I absolutely love the relationship between faith and Mr. Darlington. I love that kind of interplay between characters. The fact that she is treating him like he has never been treated intrigues him and me. I want them to have more run-ins. I find myself feeling exhilarated like faith is after their meetings.

I also wanted to say that I really like your writing style and find it very reminiscent of Jane Austen, my favorite writer. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book (my two dogs are named Darcy and Lizzy) and I love the way you have used the story as a basis. I am looking forward to the next installment.
10/5/2002 c8 2Violyn
Whew, you finally update. I was waiting for ages. Anyways, I want to know what will happen next, so please update more!
10/4/2002 c8 7written off as theatrical 1986
Oh-my-gosh. Hope and Robert are going to be so happy together and they're going to love each other forever and I'm just so excited because this is so sweet and adorable and I'm just going to die if they don't get together so please let them get married in the NEAR future.

*takes a deep breath* Whew. That was a long sentence. But my hyperactivity at the wonderfulness of this chapter made me forget about run-on sentences and punctuation.

Great job!


Lady E
9/27/2002 c4 Edainme
Hi! I found this story on an author's favorites, and I started to read it. Lol, this is exactly the kind of story I like! You've updated past this , but, Grace is most definately my favorite so far. Keep it up! =)
9/14/2002 c7 2Pink panda
Hey :)

Nice Chapter. I'm liking Charity a bit more now. Yeah i know people, she is spoiled but she's the baby of the family. What else would you expect? You have written her wonderfully. I liked the begining of the chapter, where she was kinda scared of her mother.

How rude! she is just going to 'borrow' Hope's birthday present without asking? So rude! It's going to be *interesting* to see how Hope reacts. And what occurs when her aunt and cousin arrive.

In your bio you said it isn't set in Scotland, so where is it set? England i assumed...
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