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for Four Sisters

8/27/2002 c3 7written off as theatrical 1986
This is so good! I mean it-I really like it. Grace is so cool-she has this air of humor and good nature about her, with knowledge to go with it. You've made her so real to me!

Charity, on the other hand-Charity is a spoiled BRAT. She is so sickeningly flirtatious with every guy-all I have to say is 'eurgh'.

Great job-get to Faith and Hope soon soon soon!

8/26/2002 c2 2Pink panda
Hey :)

This is the first story in the 'Original' category i've read on ff.net and i wasn't really sure what to expect, (dunno why really *shrug* quite obvious i s'pose) but as it was you i thought hey i'll give it ago.

I'm enjoying it so far. I like Grace, she seems a strong character, dunno how i feel about the other characters (her sisters) yet, but you haven't gone in depth about them yet. Will you be? I like the father character, Edward. I think the reason i like his character is because he taught Grace (well influenced her) tO be independent and believe in her own capabilities in a time, when women were thought of as no more than a pretty trophy that would provide them an heir. I i don't like Emilia's character, but i like her in the way you have written her. In showing her to be the submissive wife that believe women could be no more than a wife and had no desire to be more than that. Do i make any sense at all? well i do in my head. LOL!

And about your lotr muse. I saw it at the station getting on a train heading to Cornwall...
8/25/2002 c2 3Shui Sheng
Hey, I really like what you have so far. This promises to be an interesting an eventfilled story... Keep on writing! ^_^
8/25/2002 c2 Arsenal Always
This is much better! But, (you can't exscape without some criticism) you still write with a uhm disinterested, vague style I am not sure if I like it or not but, it can make it hard to concentrate! Keep writing!

~Blue Eyes~
8/24/2002 c1 7written off as theatrical 1986
This is a great start! So far, I like Hope the best. She sounds a lot like me-a dreamer who believes anything is possible. Me in a nutshell, that is. *sighs*

Charity reminds me of Hopeful from 'The Quilt Trilogy' by Ann Rinaldi. I'm NOT accusing you of plagirizing (spell check major), 'cause I had a girl do that to me once, and what happened between us was not pretty (not at first, anyway-then we became FRIENDS, oddly enough).

I really like the prologue, and I look forward to reading more of this-it's really, really good!

8/24/2002 c1 Arsenal Always
Good but. . .I don't know sort of wistful. I understand it was only a prologue but write something to lighten the mood! This looks like it could be good but remember an occasional does go along with tears lighten it up! Keep writing.

~Blue Eyes~
8/24/2002 c1 6Brief Candle
This is good! I hope you write more soon!
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