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for Four Sisters

2/2/2005 c18 2Kayla Hayes
Excellent job on this chapter. I liked the little twist you threw in with Rebecca. It adds a little more excitement to the story.

Kayla Hayes
2/2/2005 c17 Kayla Hayes
This does not look good for Faith! I really hope that she eventually recieves the kind of marrige she deserves and a family. Good chapter though, vrey moving.

Kayla Hayes
2/2/2005 c16 Kayla Hayes
Yeah! Things are finally working out for the Morcroft Sisters! So, is Grace going to end up married to Mr. Mackinze-Smith? Oh, I hope so! He sounds like he has a whit to match her own and will also appreciate her!

Kayla Hayes
2/2/2005 c15 Kayla Hayes
NO! Not good! Not good at all! I can't believe Mr. Stevenson just shattered Hope's dreams without a second thought! You are very good at keeping a reader spellbound and portraying the emotions going through Hope's mind.

Kayla Hayes
2/2/2005 c14 Kayla Hayes
Good chapter. What's up with Rebecca? It's like she's smitten whenever a male walks into a room! Not to mention the fact that she wants to steal each of her cousins's sutiors! At lest, that's what it seems like. ^.^

Kayla Hayes
2/2/2005 c13 Kayla Hayes
I really enjoyed this chapter. I think that Mr. Darlington is feeling some atraction to Faith. Which is good. She deserves a family because of what she has done for her family. Oh, yeah. I also wanted to point out something you wrote about Mr. Darlington's appearance.

" She looked up to meet his gaze and was astonished to see something akin to sympathy in his startling blue eyes."

I thought that he had violet eyes. If I'm wrong, please tell me, but I thought you might want to look at that.

Kayla Hayes
2/2/2005 c12 Kayla Hayes
Aunt Louisa really seems like a snake. It feels like she's out to make trouble for her sister's family. I do hope that Hope and Robert stay together though. It would be pure tradgety if they were torn appart by Aunt Louisa. I enjoyed this chapter a lot.

Kayla Hayes
2/2/2005 c10 Kayla Hayes
Big mistake on Charity's part. Boy are they both sneaky! Anyway, great chapter, except I found a small misake I think you might want to correct.

"It seemed that she had bought most of it with her too, for Charity’s room was now filled to overflowing with gowns and skirts and shoes that Rebecca had insisted on unpacking."

Don't you mean 'brought'?

Anyway, I love this story!

Kayla Hayes
2/2/2005 c9 Kayla Hayes
Intresting. I like how you worded this chapter. I especially like the vocabulary. Great chapter!

Kayla Hayes
2/2/2005 c8 Kayla Hayes
Good chapter. I envy your skill with writing. I wish I had your ease with words...

Kayla Hayes
2/2/2005 c7 Kayla Hayes
Geez... Charity really seems like she's spoiled. Not to mention the fact that she is very vain and ambitious. I love how you show her personality.

Kayla Hayes
2/2/2005 c6 Kayla Hayes
I like how you describe Grace. She's a person who might have been a part of the Sufferage movement in England. I think that's cool though. To tell you the truth, she seems alot like me.

Anyway, great chapter!

Kayla Hayes
2/2/2005 c5 Kayla Hayes
OH! Good chapter. You almost made me cry with how Faith's mother treats her and what she has to give up. I think she definetly deserves a marrige with love and lots of money.

By the way, I have a feeling that she's going to end up with Joshua Darlington. I like the violet eyes. CUTE!

Kayla Hayes
2/1/2005 c2 Kayla Hayes
Very descriptive. I love how you do that! I can't seem to do that in my own stories. You have a way with making your characters come alive. I love that.

Kayla Hayes
2/1/2005 c3 Kayla Hayes
I am really beginning to enjoy this story. The way you describe Charity sounds like someone I know. You make her seem to come alive.

Kayla Hayes
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