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2/1/2005 c4 2Kayla Hayes
I like this chapter. I love how you worded it. By the way, you forgot the "(" in this following sentence:

She crept past her mother, who was working herself into a tizzy over the thought of attending a ball at Winterton despite the fact they had not received an invitation yet), and ventured outside.

Anyway, I thought I should point that out to you.
2/1/2005 c1 Kayla Hayes
Wow. You have a way with words. You are really good at writing. This definately looks like it's going to be exciting.

Kayla Hayes
1/25/2005 c21 SarahLou85
This is a really wonderful and readable story. There are some good stories in the Historical section of this website but this is one of the best ones.
1/5/2005 c21 7Alexis Kent
Amazing! I know that this hasn't been updated for quite some time, but I do hope you haven't stopped writing it! I must have more! Now, onto business.

In the fifth chapter, you wrote "You should be ashamed of herself!" I assume you mean "yourself", so you may want to change that. And in the eleventh chapter, when Robert speaks of his family he says "to" rather than "too". Those are the only mistakes I noticed.

Your writing style is beautiful and immersive. As some have pointed out, it is remniscent of Jane Austen, but you have added an entirely new element to it. By far one of the most interesting stories I have had the luck to find!

Now I'll throw in my opinions on the sisters:

I sincerely hope that you have Grace end up with Frank Metcalfe. As debonair as Mackenzie-Smith and Sir Ashford are, I think Frank's quiet devotion merits him marrying Grace!

Charity... I will admit she is the least interesting character of the four sisters. Though entertaining in her own way, she leaves the reader not caring what happens to her.

Faith's storyline is perhaps my favorite. You *will* end up having her fall in love with Joshua, right? I'll...I'll... I shall cry if they don't fall in love! And you shall have the breaking of a Yankee's heart on your conscience. :(

I liked Hope's storyline, though I'm afraid I didn't find myself overly immersed in it. Rebecca's like of Robert is an interesting twist, though for some reason it didn't seem to fit in right with the rythym of things... maybe it's just me.

Anyway, please write more as soon as you get the chance. I'll be anxiously awaiting the next chapter.
12/31/2004 c19 nic
Although I find you story very entertaining, I must say that it's just too similar to Pride and Prejudice to be true. Grace is very similar to Elizabeth. The estate has to be entailed away from the main family. Charity is vain and silly like Lydia. The mother is annoying and mind set like Mrs. Bennet. People are marrying inappropriately. I don't know, perhaps you could mention something about it being at least similar in plot. Helen Fielding didn't get done for it! Bridget Jones is completely plot based on Pride and Prejudice.I'm sorry if it's bad criticism, but honestly, your writing is fabulous, and your style has wonderful promise, I just wonder that you might be able to come up with more original material.
11/26/2004 c21 Myra Tchaikovsky
I'm really inspired by this story and I love your characters. I read why you haven't updated lately and I'm sorry for your loss. I'm not pressuring you to update or anything but I'm really lookinh forward to an update. I'm not really a patient person but I'll try. You are a fantastic author. Personally, my favorite characters so far are Grace and Faith. I can really relate to Grace and her ideas on love. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!
11/9/2004 c1 Sweetie Pie
Plagiarise all you need to, just please finish.
11/5/2004 c21 1Whistling Gypsy Rover
I have just recently finished Chap. XX, and I am wholly impressed with your skill in creating and writing characters, bringing forth separate plots for each character yet weaving them together in a smooth manner, and your ability to capture that style of Jane Austen without losing your own individual touch. Truly admirable. I will not press you for hurried updates, lest it will hasten you to a degree where you will have no time to preserve your remarkable quality for your anxiety to post another chapter, but I WILL say that I am more than eager for the opportunity to read further this absolutely delightful story.
10/28/2004 c20 10Aleithea
Well, your story is amazingly good but judging from your reviews you already know that. I don't suppose you've ever read any Georgette Heyer? If you haven't, you should. I see nothing to criticize except the fact that you ended the story and I want to read more :)
10/22/2004 c21 24katmonkey
Amazing, I have started to read this story many times but for some reason have never read beyond the first couple of chapters. This novel is so well written and interesting and I'm convinced it should be published!
You are an amazing author and I can't wait for an update! This is one of my favourite stories on FictionPress!
10/12/2004 c1 autumn
Sorry, I forgot to mention...
10/9/2004 c20 autumn
Wow. I am so impressed with the magnitude and quality of your undertaking. Four Sisters has to be one of the most, if not THE most, engaging story that I've found so far. I've actually read up to Chapter 20, but I wanted to respond to Chapter 19, which features my favorite character, Grace. I suspected that Sir Ashford is taking the guise of his friend Mackenzie Smith to ward off fortune-hunters when Charity meets the two friends earlier on, but I didn't want to indulge my suspicions. However, you did insert the right hints at the right places, and the story is turning out very much to my liking. I love all the characters-they are all so very distinct and, if not loveable, have their use. :) No frivolous use of characters that take up word space. Hehe. The only thing that really piques me is that I found the story now. Judging by your own comments about updating, I wish that I had discovered Four Sisters completed. Now I will be seized with an uncontrollable and time-consuming habit of "checking up on" whether Chapter so and so is up. I try not to read stories that have have been started years ago unless they are completed, but after I read the prologue, I couldn't resist reading the next 20 chapters. That says a lot about your story.
10/4/2004 c2 1Whistling Gypsy Rover
This is a truly excellent story, and quite delightful. It reminds me very much of the good old books that I like best and usually are best, such as Jane Austen's works. I have made my way through the Prologue (which excellently set the stage for the story), the first Chapter (which provides the reader with a clear idea of what the current situation is with both the family in general and with the individuals of the family), and half of the second Chapter, and I am eager to end this review so I might continue reading the book. Beautiful work so far.
10/2/2004 c21 cathy
You are an amazing author! This is one of my favourite stories!
9/26/2004 c21 Dawn
This is a wonderful novel. I am truly looking forward to your next chapters.
Thank you for such a great story.
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