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for Old memories, New life

9/9/2003 c1 5KaiRei
Heya, I really like all of your poems... keep on writing, and I'll keep on reading! ~Stehenie A.K.A. Snki~
6/15/2003 c1 kakay-chain
that's cool
6/13/2003 c1 80Plato's Optic Runaway
yes, we caught on to what the poem meant in the poem itself...except for the part about DBZ...if they couldn't figure that out they suck at life and poetry! sorry...anyway, nice job. depressing, because i'll never find anyone like that and my childhood was stolen from me...::sobs:: eh, you're good. keep it up...ja'ne..

1/16/2003 c1 Ein
Hey keiko it's me Ein kool poem!

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