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for At the Edge

7/6/2004 c1 32FanDamme
The all mighty power of bottle caps eh? Getting superstitious Tash?
It's a great poem, a little bit angsty, but hell there aren't many poems that AREN'T...
*Thumbs up*
1/7/2003 c1 1Vera1
Vera: OOOOOOOOH! I like, I like! I write poems like this one too! I haven't posted any but... that's off topic. This was very good. A lot of feeling in a few words.

Yami Vera: I liked it.

Vera: O_O that's not normal...

Yami Vera: Very feeling, whether they were your own or not. Rather inspirational... I gotta go write something! *runs off to find paper & pen*

Vera: ^^U My yami writes poems too. But I do agree with you, bottle caps contain all-mighty power! ^_^ ja ne!

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