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4/17/2003 c11 6lener
hey red! sorry for not reviewing earlier but i'm here now and that's all that matters, right? lolx! well, off to read your story!

oohh... i liked flovia's apology. maybe she's a nice girl after all. lol!

oh WOW! this is interesting... so you mean Lunaura was "supposed" to kill those Adver-ties?

ack... now Ta-Vek's dead.

aw that was nice! the hugging part!

eeww! curtsied! lol... eeww! what's up with Jacquel! @

OH SO IT'S ENDED NOW? ahh! i'm off to read Dread Lady! GREAT STORY, RED! i love happy endings! *sniff*



(p.s. sorry for the short review but there still IS Redlady's Kingdom, eh?)
4/11/2003 c11 7Karma50
ANDARIUS LIVES ANDARIUS LIVES! And just when I went and bought flowers for his grave! It was nice to see the thing with Lunaura solved aswell and it was a great ending. Well done Red, it was fantastic!
4/10/2003 c11 5Alma Linda
AW! *eyes water* I can't believe it's the end! It's such a good end though! i can't help but like it! That was so cute! And i'm SO happy that Andarius was revived! I was so scared we'd lost him! *sniff* THANK YOU SO MUCH! *hugs*

I'm pleased to announce that i'm working on my fic again. I'm gonna add some scenes in, finish typing, and hopefully it'll be up and running again by sunday. Hopefully...

Anyways, this was SUCH a great story!

I liked it, even though Flovia was mean sometimes... but then again, maybe i'm mean without realizing it.. *sniff* I guess i'll never know...

*hugs* But you're the coolest ever, you know that, right? Good, because it would be a shame if you didn't.

ANYhoo... hoo.. hoo...

Uhm... i just lost my train of thought... O well. See ya! Take care!

4/10/2003 c11 1The HG man

^_^ I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, liked the ending!

Heh, and I noticed this one little line in your story...

"Geeze! You think you've killed them all but they keep on popping up!"

LoL, I'm not sure if you did that on purpose, but still, that was a finny little tid-bit. ^_^

Well, congradulations on finishing your story!

YAY! (pulls out party hats and noise makers) ^_^!

Well, great story Red!

The ever illusive,

Hyper Guyver
4/10/2003 c11 5Chazbone
Wow Red, I am very impressed. Bravo to you, yes bravo you. This was one of your best works. I am glad that Andarius came back, since I am based after him and all. But did he have to be Barius's aprentice. I mean come on! You know DarkShin scares the (explicted deleted) out of me!
4/5/2003 c10 6lener
oh Red i was halfway reading this story when i realised i had forgotten to read and reviews as i go along, remember? well, i'm doing that now but you know why i forgot? coz it was so darn interesting! ugh! i was so engrossed with the part where the leader of the adver-ties was talking to red... i must say this chapter has some of your best writing in it! really, really good! and the adver-ties are so creepy. i feel scared. i can't wait to cry. where's the crying part? ahem... okay... reading along...

aw! how sweet! barius saved red from being... ahem.. violated? lol...

oh man! i hate the adver-ties' deathly curses! UNFAIR! oh no what happened to Andarius? i don't want him to die! NO STABBED IN THE CHEST? AH stupid Lenna! oh... okay... she doesn't believe he's dead... that's good!

OH NO red! oh no!

ack... oh no... andarius! why couldn't Lenna save him?

so what happened? is this the end? what about the rest of the adver-ties and everything else? PLEAASE UPDATE, YOU! or i'll send my pop-ups... they're ready for you...


Yours with luv,

da pop-up queen!


3/17/2003 c10 kat
NO...how horrible...why did Andarius have to die? I mean I would be ok if Flovia did, but why Andarius? well I like Barisu and hope he and Red end up together in the end, and whoever this other personality/being goes away!...Great story, can't wait for the next and last chapter!
3/17/2003 c10 kat
NO...how horrible...why did Andarius have to die? I mean I would be ok if Flovia did, but why Andarius? well I like Barisu and hope he and Red end up together in the end, and whoever this other personality/being goes away!...Great story, can't wait for the next and last chapter!
3/14/2003 c9 lener
oh! where did Lenna run off to? lol... to start her pop demon army! hahahah *laughs head off*

does nicholas like flovia? eeww. all these interesting questions MUST be answered, Red, and I'm counting on you to upload the next chapter very very soon!

as for my stories, i've probably quit replying to reviewers *slaps self* i know it's bad of me... but i haven't got the heart to. ah one day i will. anyway, apologies for the short review, but i WILL write a longer one for your next chapter, so write more or you'll find a little present from some of my pop demons. *grin*
3/13/2003 c10 1The HG man



(sigh) just one more chapter to go... T_T ANDIE!

The ever illusive,

Hyper Guyver
3/13/2003 c10 5Chazbone
That was so sad! Why did Andarius have to die? Was he just like all the other lovable sidekicks that get offed? So the main character has something to fight for? WHY!

Great chapter.
3/13/2003 c10 5Alma Linda

PPLEASE BRING HIM BACK TO LIFE! Or at least make Flovia jump off of a cliff! (they'd be better off without her..)

*sniff* So the adver-ties were defeated, but WE LOST SOMEONE! T-T

And uhm... . Please tell me I was mistaken when i read that he was reaching for the ties of Red's shirt? that's so scary... believe me, it really is..

*cries over Andie* Come back! T-T

3/13/2003 c10 Karma50
*cries hysterically* I am truly crying, Andarius was one of my favourite characters. But you are a good writer to make me cry.

The battle scenes, though gory were powerful and epic.

It was a fantastic, emotional, dramatic climax and I loved it! It's good to know that your serious writing is as good as your funny writing.

As they say, all good things must come to an end and i'm looking forward to the last chapter of this story!

Good one girl!

Karma (with a box of tissues)
3/7/2003 c9 3Phantom Goat
This has been awesome so far.

It really has captured how evil advertisements are.

The are so annoying, with all there talking and stuff.

huh? what?

*its adver-ties, the story is about adver-ties*

Thats what I said! Advertising. Sheesh.

Keep up the great work!
3/1/2003 c9 10Litehawk
I love this story its really good. I mean Terrific, only bested by Redlady's Kingdom and only cause I am in it ;)
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