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10/15/2008 c1 1rrreeeEEEnnnaaa
imma lovin' it!
3/29/2007 c1 17Susurrent Threnody
Very well written. This has a nice beginning, I'd like to see it continued if you have the chance, though it does stand alone rather nicely as well.
1/19/2004 c1 7nanima
What? There's no more? *whines* But I thought there was gonna be more! I had faith! Oh well, hopefully there WILL be more very soon. Very very soon. Gr...why isn't there more? WAH! *cries*
11/13/2003 c1 2esperenze
this is wonderul! i hope that you will continue to write this.
2/8/2003 c1 liliam
I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED the story. Keep up the wonderful job, update soon. FABULOUS !
12/31/2002 c1 1TriGemini
This is a great story so far. Please write some more. It's very interesting.
4/8/2002 c1 2Lindsay5
great ficcie! keep writing!

2/7/2002 c1 Elizabethie
I wish you'd update this sometime! It just sits there and stares at me whenever I come to check up on the Sailor Moon stories. I thought it was really good! Is there any chance for an update?
1/27/2002 c1 4MasacoMamoru
That was sooooooo wonderful! Great job Michelle (sorry if you don't like to be referred to as such)! Please...keep on writing! Hehe, I'll email you later on, alright! Take care now! Until next time...bye!

11/27/2001 c1 Umi
Excellent! I love Lady M Harris, and I especially love the fact that this story is an original! It's nice seeing something different from a favorite author! I hope the next part comes out soon! ^_^*
10/1/2001 c1 Lyona
NEED MORE! I know it's been almost a year since you submitted this, and I'm only reading it now, but I would really like to read the rest of this. It's very good. Please, please, please, pleeeeaaaasssseeee continue! :)
9/30/2001 c1 Jennifer Maxine M
it is raly good so far i think i will keep tabs on how the story goes!
9/14/2001 c1 9Bluedreamer
Even non anime fics are great... can't wait to read more
9/3/2001 c1 Mzbadgurl1
8/6/2001 c1 Jen
It was excellent. I love all of your stories. Please hurry up and write more!
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