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for Walk away

12/1/2002 c1 25tiggerpop
i no this is a song i cnt get rid of it! it was an acident!
11/26/2002 c1 14mysticalspoon
Awww this poem is sad! Its about Hajir isn't? Well it was hard on all of us but she said she will try and see us all again. I know im not as good as Haj but i'll try and be like her and share your laughter, pain, tears and i'll always be here for you.
9/4/2002 c1 12FattyButt
ummm...Tigger I am not trying to be rude here, but this is a song by Phil Collins.
9/1/2002 c1 Smiley- Bear
This is very pretty. Keep writing!
8/29/2002 c1 99Little Miss Shadow
Beautiful. Very very touching.

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