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for Frozen Tears

10/11/2002 c1 4Renee
oo this is one of the most awsome poems ive ever read, and i love reading/writing poems
9/22/2002 c1 12Sitara Darcia
Touching, emotional, radiant, dramatic! In aword...PERFECT! I enjoyed it a lot. Happy writting. S.D.
9/21/2002 c1 In the Light of the Moon
`Ello! ^_^ Thankies for the lovely review Glow! ^^ And this is such a lovely poem... it's quite an epitome as to how my childhood was lived... and how my current teenage years are spent... You captured the moments within perfect locked away words... only to one day break free... and force the world to understand...
8/29/2002 c1 99Little Miss Shadow
Perfectly beautiful writing. I honestly loved it.

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