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for Siren Song: water and blood and flesh and bone

6/23/2004 c1 6Mirror Into My World
Hum... I think I like it. Angsty, depressing, but nicely written. I like the comparison to a Siren Song. Very descriptive, I can see exactly what's being protrayed and I can relate, in the saddest sort of ways.
1/6/2003 c1 67Poisoned
Wow. That is an amazing poem, full of emotion...It flows really well. Its great...
12/28/2002 c1 15x-Laurie-x
Amazing, Absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work.
10/16/2002 c1 Jedi Prophetess
Again, you have alot of passion in your writing and it seems you are passionate about a lot of things too. Keep writing.
9/10/2002 c1 Silver Spider
Well I still find it desturbing, but you knew that...

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