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12/15/2002 c1 3Moby Toast
Rubber Monkeys! I love it! (Whoes Kyle)?

If I had $ I'd buy one, but I dont so I cant. :( I wonder if they could take over the world... I KNOW! Sell them to docter Evil and Minni Me! (Minny, Minney? Me no know da spelling) I'll leave u be now.

-Moby Toast
10/1/2002 c1 20Once in a blue moon
'ardy 'ar 'ar
9/21/2002 c1 140Crymson Rhapsody
LMFAO! THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME! FAVE STORIES LIST! Heeheehee. Sounds like you had fun writing this, teehee.
9/21/2002 c1 11Lime-Spritz
I'll melt your rubber monkies! You know, that could be slang for something...rubber monkies...get my drift? Mwhahahaaaa! Once again, something seemingly innocent has been dirtied by my mind!

Nice idea. I'm definitely feeling the rubber monkey vibe (euphamisms make life worth living!)
9/21/2002 c1 13Jumping Peanut
this may sound full of myself but, I crack myself up. Lol. no seriously I'm just checking this whole email thinger. You know how they email you if you get new reviews? I wanna see if it's working.
9/21/2002 c1 26Jade the Expert Predator
*refuses to bow to you* But I do like this idea... Most intriguing. Bwahahaha..
9/16/2002 c1 Wasting Time
lol, ooookaaay, interesting. LMAO...
9/7/2002 c1 10sleepy fox spirit
You psycho. *whips her tail in your face* I love it! Never something I would have come up with, but...I read your Rubber Monkey Maddness! Hey, my Musings are up!

~ Draco ;)*
9/4/2002 c1 Smiley- Bear
lol! I must say this is different! Keep writing!
9/1/2002 c1 13Dr. Tamwe
well, it was an original idea, and kinda funny. That's all I can think to say.

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