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11/17/2002 c1 100broken wings241
Yeah, you say it sista... I've never actually been in a relationship with a guy: my father soughta taught me why to avoid that at all costs, but I get the whole jerk thing now... you're so, so, *searches desperately for word* well, you've just got this great description thing happening here.
9/26/2002 c1 Joflower
hey this was good! i can't relate - thank god!
9/7/2002 c1 176DefianceIsMe
Great job! I finally found the time to read your poem. It is good. I like the subject matter. Guys can be swines but hey we can't live without them. Or at least I like them well enough...most of the time...SOME of the time. But if a guy uses you then I say they dont deserve to even come near us enough to grovel at our feet but then again that might be because it makes me so mad. Well before I keep rambling on congrats on this great poem. ^_^
9/2/2002 c1 99Little Miss Shadow
Very, very good. That's all I can really say. There's nothing else I *can* say. Except I know the feeling - great work. :)

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