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3/4/2015 c21 LFA JLover7877
You did a great job!
6/24/2013 c20 Cherry
OMG... that was so... touching and cute and awesome and PERFECT! I love it! Oh my god, I stayed up until three to finish it. I LOVE IT. I totally thought Leo would end up with her but Austin is AMAZING! Kya Love it!
7/7/2012 c21 Guest
You should make a sequel where leo and juliet get together but at first she only does it to spite zoe and austin but then leo being so smart figures her out and she starts to really fall for him. Good right i know ok story i liked maybe austin and zoe getting together seemed a little rushed but other than that its good dont forget about my sequel idea :)
12/19/2010 c21 pterodactylion
Loved it. :)
10/25/2010 c21 1Quiet Chaos
Actually, for all its faults, this was a really good story. It has definite potential. :) When you add * * before and after a word, its just hard to read and confusing, so you should think about italicizing that all instead of using astrids. Basically, everything on your End Notes needs worked on a little... But other than that, I LOVED your description of when Zoe was throwing out Jack's ring, and their history. That was an amazig chapter really. I would have liked this to be more spread out-to me it was all happened in a week... ...Which is hard to base a relationship off of. Guns were way random. Made me like Leo and Austin a bit less. Also, I found it redundant when you wrote how amazingly sweet Juliet is, then she has a hidden superiority streak that we don't know about, even though Zoe's known all along? I think in the end, there could be the potential for some really awesome epiloque-maybe Zoe playig a instrument? Because we've heard just how gratshe was at music for the whole stry, but have'nt heard it at all... Ths story really was great though, ad I found it quite enjoyable. :)
7/4/2010 c10 6teacupauthor
I'm not sure if I liked Zoe at first, like Leo I thought she was a bit rude, but now I can understand more of what has been going on in Zoe's life. I like the way that Zoe doesn't sit there and narrate what happened to her, that her past is being slowly revealed.
6/16/2010 c20 MoManiac

now that i got that over with... i have ONE more teensy weensy suggestion... i think the sex should be more vague... i think ALL stories that contain rape should contain romantic sex as well, but the SEX isn't a major point of this story, i think. I find it to be more about healing. SO i think that sex should be more like a statement making it obvious that they're about to do the deed, and then cut to the part where bandit, or austin, wakes up. ... ... ACKK i feel bad for being so judgemental, it's just not in my personality... but you did ask opinions, and this (as well as the previous ones .) is mine... heeheehee. your story is still in my favorites list though... ima go read the other one now...
6/16/2010 c21 MoManiac
i loved the story! it was kinda confusing at first, cuz you thought leo'd get the girl, but i really liked him as the one that pushed things along and helped everyone to heal. the scene on the dock freaked me out, to be honest. i think it'd be better if austin ended up holding her, instead of the both of them. it left a really weird image in my mind of one guy huggin her from behind and the other kissing her... it just creeped me out... OH and i think you should add more of the little girl; i found her adorable for the short amount of time she was in the story. ANYHOO! i still absolutely loved your story! i would've loved it more if it was more drawn out ;) ;) but i LOVED it all the same... therefore! i'm favoriting it... CUZ ITS AMAZING AND I LOVE THE PLOT!
5/24/2010 c1 eiyuang999
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10/25/2009 c21 FaceRealityHeadOn
i love this story. love the summary, also. once i read the word 'theives', i was intrigued. is there a sequel? i hope there will be, since it's a great story. but, what about juliet? i think she deserves somewhat of a happy ending. love the story!
10/14/2009 c20 2DropDeadRomantic
Okay, being totally honest, I thought Zoe was gonna end up with Leo. Im not sure why, but I did. And out of no where, in comes Bandit, and they start something. At first I thought Bandit was Leo, but then when the locket came into play I knew it was Austin.

I have to say that this is one of the better stories out there. Full of love, drama, and hurt. I think you did a great job with this, and I cant wait to read more from you.
7/24/2009 c1 3Ruby Sue
Oh, sorry one more thing. Since this is a completed story, I'd advise you mark it as completed. You might have your reasons for having it unfinished but I think you'll probably get even more reviewers if it was in the completed section. I know that I usually only scope out completed romance stories.


au revoir
7/24/2009 c21 Ruby Sue
First off I would like to say that I loved your story, the basic idea was brilliant but there were some mistakes like spelling and plot. So for the timeline, I would have to agree, you should make it longer. You did a pretty good job with character development, in the beginning I felt as if I didn't like them at all but as the story went on I found them all pretty amazing, even Juliet. You should also have gone more in depth with the thieves idea. I mean you could have ended some loose ties, like maybe have them leave the stolen treasures in a public place so they can be returned to the owners. Also it would have been nice to know more about Austin's and Leo's families. And why didn't they ever get caught? I think you should have included more of Sabina and the parents, the other minor characters don't really matter. The guns were random but they helped with the development of Austin and Zoe's relationship so I would keep that. Take the sex out, why would a rape victim ever have sex with a man she barely knew? It didn't make any sex. If you want them to have sex, I'd wait until their relationship was better. You should have made them friends and then romantic interests. Zoe obviously had trust issues and I highly doubt she'd have sex with a masked man. One last thing, Juliet. You went a little into her relationship with her father and how it is portrayed in her serial dating but it didn't seem like enough. Zoe and Juliet were tight friends and I think you should have given them a little bit more closure. Juliet wasn't the stereotypical bitch, she had issues of her own and even though Zoe is the main character, I thought you should have went into those too. Wow this is the longest review I have ever done but the end notes made me want to right it. Great story, you're a brilliant author but this just doesn't feel complete to me, at least not yet.


6/5/2009 c11 5GlassCinders
God, I can just imagine how screwed up she's going to be. Taken out of this context, no one would believe that two thieves visited her every night.

Besides a few minor nit-picky details (certain word phrasings and the like, such as: captains of every sports team...I get the point, but still...)

Either way, I really like this so far. I can't wait until I get to the end. :)
5/24/2009 c20 blueskye13
brilliant! i really liked it... though i kindof want juliet and zoe to still be friends... ah, but it was a nice ending, i prefer bandit to austin though...
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