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for Midnight Sky

9/19/2003 c1 IntergalacticOctopoda
beautiful, short, but beautiful, your wrods have the power to touch
3/27/2003 c1 60Ranewen Surion
This is even better then the last one! THey just keep getting better! I love these! Your a good writer, your going on my favorites and so is this story! wait i mean poem! sorry...lol
11/1/2002 c1 NeverAgainTruth
awww...that was sad
11/1/2002 c1 8yuki kawaii
Now, I hope you can post the hidden note! See ya!

~ Yuki
10/26/2002 c1 47Black Rose4
This is really good...it makes me want to read more. But if I did, then there wouldn't be the little hint of mystery. It's very good, I'll shut up now.

10/15/2002 c1 24Lux's Confusion
wow this is so beautiful. i loved how you personified the whole thing. keep writing more things.
10/4/2002 c1 22Schrodinger's Cat
Good good good...this was very good. Awesome possum...truly. Very good!
9/19/2002 c1 295schande
i especially am in love with the line that goes:

"The stars are my broken heart,

Shattered, crushed, and pulled apart."

that lines just flows the best and pulls the whole poem together. -golf clap- :D
9/4/2002 c1 58OneCrazyGurl
That is SO awesome..I love when something so simple is made into a deeper thing!
9/4/2002 c1 40lp rock queen
this poem rocks. U've expressed exactly what i feel this very moment... wow. Great description, nice beat. THE LAST LINE KICKS ASS!



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