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12/3/2007 c1 Anon
I thought 'Mat' was spelt with a double 'T'

Meaning: Matt...
5/14/2003 c15 32Cryptic Insanity
I love it! -e-
5/14/2003 c14 4TIP
Nice installment. I think your first attempt at a one on one gun fight went very well. Colt versus Desert Eagle, nice matchup.

Keep writing to apease the fans with the knowledge that I am apeased as well.

Where's the guy in camo and the guy with the lighter?



Haunting your minds at night...for free.


Regarding the gun fight, they should have been using sniper rifles. Alas, the author has final say...
3/9/2003 c14 67NightshadeJonathan
Great story ^_^ I can actually feel Mat's emotions and the emotions of someone that seems to see him everyday. Keep up the good work ^_^
3/7/2003 c14 3SKACHICK
techincally, since he is underage, wouldnt he have to go to an orphanage? or go to a foster family? he cant live by himself! its against the law!
3/7/2003 c14 32Cryptic Insanity
Kyle is psycho!

Well,at least Mat won't be send to some foster family or something =)

Update soon!
2/6/2003 c4 Skywriter
This is wonderful. I'm a Christian and I can really relate to MAt.
2/5/2003 c13 Cryptic Insanity
Bad ending to a good day

He won!

But his mommy died =\

How sad
2/5/2003 c13 lila
i think your story is awesome...i'm a christian and it's so great to see someone really standing up for the faith. keep up the good work1
2/4/2003 c13 3SKACHICK
omg..i almost started crying! :( well whats gonna happen to him? he has to go to a foster home or something...he's not old enough to live on his own...well...i feel all depressive lol wow..this was a really really good chap...update soon...
2/4/2003 c1 skywriter
This is really great!
1/29/2003 c9 2Aidenfire
The part with Katrina was funny! Why did Michelle get so mean?
1/29/2003 c8 Aidenfire
Does John have, like, mental problems? Or is he just *really* strange?
1/29/2003 c6 Aidenfire
Aww, poor Mat!
1/29/2003 c5 Aidenfire
Okay, I get Ryan is a total fake, but what was up with locker 524?
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