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10/28/2000 c1 Neun
Wooooow... 5th grade? heh, that's what I though of my third grade teacher, or at least would've liked liked to kill her. ahh, young minds ;)
10/27/2000 c1 SamanthaGrant
why did you get in trouble for it? it was well written.
10/24/2000 c1 2Fuzzy Blue Owl
Very horrific . . . . . love the descpriotions
10/21/2000 c1 Witchl3itch
i love it!
10/21/2000 c1 Witchl3itch
i love it!
10/20/2000 c1 Cory
Yeah good story A sequel would be nice to see like the women coming bck and turning into a master killer and kills the preident (Bill Cintion) I rate it a 5 in story and a 7 in horror and A 9 in sickness, sorry but that is sick lol.

10/20/2000 c1 Michelle Riddle1
Very interesting. I would have liked to know a little more about why she killed people. Good story tho. =)
10/20/2000 c1 man das gory
hmmm perhaps the most disgusting thing ive ever read
10/20/2000 c1 Kevin Block
It was a good story. A bit sad though, how both the people had to die, um.. bit narsty how she licked the blood off her sword lol, but i liked it.

Love ya Tash,

10/20/2000 c1 41Willum
Seek help, now. Okay, seriously, with a little tidying up could be an intro into a rather decent story. An explination of motivation would be nice, whether it be insanity or revenge, but then I could be reading too much into a piece merely written out of anger.
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