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6/2/2003 c1 16Wooffles
You said to tell you when I had more poems and I do. And just again your poems are great stop insulting them.
4/26/2003 c2 Wooffles
Well, you're better at poetry than me that's for sure. Read mine and see how they suck. XD

2/27/2003 c6 89Lyria Shard
e-mail me whe you update all of the fics that i've ever reviewed/ (lollol, mail me anyway!)

11/30/2002 c5 Guest
What can I say? Pretty good poems. Keep working on it!
11/29/2002 c5 artem
Pretty good. You finally made your poems rhyme. How many poems did you write? How ever many you wrote they;re all good.
10/29/2002 c5 BlueJewel
hey~i loved this poem even more than the others! Keep writing.

10/23/2002 c4 EM
. what was the planet called? wat forest?beter tel me
10/23/2002 c3 T
10/23/2002 c2 r
nice poem.isn't it suposed to ryme.guess you need to take a brake from school sometime.
10/22/2002 c1 a
dawm,creepy.still where are the poems?are they in the next chapter.Better read it.
9/28/2002 c2 Black Shadow2
I'd give it a B-

Nice but why did you write about unicorns. I hate unicorns, but it's still nice. I think it's very unique. And at least you didn't use rhymes. Rhyming poems are great, but sometimes you have to write what you have to say without rhymes.

Note: Your poems need improvement. Work Harder!
9/27/2002 c1 70Tothineownself

Hello Dahling!

I'm sorry to bother but your, e-mail is being somwhat of a...poopie head at the momment...I have updated 'Veritas'! I hope that you can review it!
9/19/2002 c3 Tothineownself
**sings** LUUNARRRRIANNNNN! **waves** 'Ello!

I was not FORCED into reading and reviewing! Nope! This was short, but not that bad man! So, stop putting yourself down! REACH FOR THE STARS! lol...

I am Jill's lust for Alan Rickman,


9/18/2002 c2 Tothineownself
IT'S GOOD! I have a motto, **opens up parchment and reads outloud**

"My Ex-boyfriend is an unimaginable prick...OOPS! HEE HEE wrong one! **blushes**, alright, everyone has the talent to write, teh just have to know where to find it within" **clears throat**

SEE! I like poetry, I think that it is teh one kind of writing that I am good at!

I am Jill's split personality,



I updated A Hogwarts Rhapsody, I have been trying to e-mail you and it won't go through, so I'm letting you know!
9/14/2002 c4 BlueJewel
These were all very good poems. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself about your talent cuz you have plenty of it!

I hope my good review encouraged you cuz I want you to continue ASAP!


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