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11/6/2015 c32 1somersaultkick
I cried so many times. This is such a beatiful story, it tells us how to live our life, how to cope up with the things that we've lost.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing this. Now I'm going to read a story with happy ending.
Thanks for the tears xD
9/20/2015 c32 annayh44
Nooooooooooo No No No the ending so so wrong. .i hate it i really really really do hate it :( Shawn doesn't deserve it. .Charlie doesn't deserve it & neither Win do ! I thought Miracle will be Charlie alive . .not she dead. Shawn lose his parents who he loved how can he lose the person he loved most it so so unfair. .This can't be :( I thought she will be alive and got married with Shawn and they adopt Win like Win told they act like married couple. I really do love this Story but as much as i love this story i will always hate the ending. that was not fairrrr *scream* *sob* Yeah I know I am emotional but this story made me :( I really do want the ending be changed. .Cant two miracle took place? cant u add agian another chapter of ending where Shawn & Charlie & Win are togerther Please *sob*
6/25/2015 c32 4fyriagita
I am suck to this kind of story. I literally crying whrn Charlie hugging Benny. You completely caught my heart with this story. and I just hope Shawn will found someone to love again :")

*It's my 3rd time reading this story and I always crying
4/12/2015 c32 6masterofcharacters
This story was so amazing. I am currently crying. Even though I knew this was going to happen, I was hoping that you would make it to where her miracle was her living. I knew from the start that Charlie and shawn were gonna be together, however it did not make the story any less intriguing. yesterday afternoon, I wanted to post one of my short stories real quick before starting on some homework. I stumbled across your story and decided to read a chapter or two. I loved it so much that I couldn't stop reading, no matter how much hw I had. I stayed up until 1:30 this morning reading your story. The only reason why I put it down was because I had church this morning. When I got home I immediately continued reading. This is an amazing story that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Great job, and keep writing, I look forward to reading more of your stories
11/22/2014 c32 Guest
I feel this should be under the tradgedy genre. Just saying
4/16/2014 c32 2Neverland.dream
So yeah. This story broke my heart. Thanks for that by the way. :(( Anyway, i love Shawn ever since first chapter you introduced him. Thanks for writing this story!
4/3/2014 c32 9Cookie Seller On The Dark Side
Dear lord, I'm crying now!
That was amazingly written, and gripping till the end. Wow.
10/26/2013 c32 1Black is Beautiful
The ending is so sad I'm currently crying my eyes out! :'(
7/9/2013 c32 6infinitelylydia
For something that I knew was going to happen, dang it anyway. The epilogue made me cry heaps. Shawn is just, wow.
6/29/2013 c26 Secrets
He's in love with her, and she's halfway there and they don't even know it.
5/16/2013 c32 lostlamb
Made me cry! Crap, that was sad.
1/5/2013 c8 cvbnjmhjkjhgfv
Oh, God ... this is a profoundly moving story. It's written brilliantly. Sorry I don't review every chapter.
This makes me realise afresh how lucky I am in that I have the prospect of a long life waiting ahead of me. I am free to love.
My exams will end after a week and then I'll read the rest of this story. :)
1/5/2013 c8 Guest
Excellent! :)
12/22/2012 c32 4R. Ficst
Very much enjoyed. I loved your characters and their story. Just a few typos here and there, but the writing overall was quite good. And you definitely made me tear up a few different times. I enjoyed all the little details, especially their tattoos. Well done. Thanks for posting!
10/25/2012 c32 4F.H.W
You should label this story as angst...
I cried like shit... It was so saad the ending... But i loved the storyline. Cliched but sweet and cheesy, just how i like it;)
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