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5/26/2003 c28 Medea
Pathetically, knowing that the monologue Jack read was from Romeo and Juliet made me feel extremely smart. When I do believe most people know this.

Hee, Juliet tries to sell Patrick Melissa's stuff! That'd be fun! Of course, my friends would kill me, but it'd still be fun.

I love it, Merc!
5/21/2003 c28 2flameluvr
YAY! another update! hope it doesn't take too long to tell who the 'mysterious figure' is. teeheehee... Percival... *snigger*
5/8/2003 c27 flameluvr
omg! *cracks up* *realizes has been cracking up for last five minutes* That was a great idea, to have the whole ... 'donate boxers of gay people' thing... teeheehee... And the birthday party. its actually kind of nice that you added a bi girl; she should be added to the group. another knee-slappin masterpiece! ^_^
5/8/2003 c27 Medea
I love it, Taf! Mary is very cool.

I want a book about famous gay people! Not fair, how come Elijah gets one and I don't? *pout pout*

Hee, Grace gave Mark his invitation in the shower. That's something I'd do.

Try and get the next episode out soon, please! But if you don't, I have no right to yell at you. So it's all good.
5/8/2003 c27 The Omnipotent Arty
Oh yay, only one typo, and at the very end, too! Heeh, lotsa kink...fun stuff, that. Extremely amusing, looking forward to the next!

4/27/2003 c1 4Muse of Music
The intro is REALLY funny! ME LIKES SO FAR! I'll be back later to read rest! *beams*
4/19/2003 c1 3Ayne
hiya! great start to the story! I'm wondering if you've ever read Maeve Binchy's Circle of Friends - there's a couple in there named Jack and Benny (in that case though, Benny's a chick) anyways, glad I caught this story while it had 20+ chapters, loads of reading! keep it up!
4/11/2003 c26 2flameluvr
Hi Merc 'n Taf! *wipes tears from corners of eyes* That was fairly hysterical. If I had less soundproof walls, I think I would have woken the neighbors up (they're old people, and go to bed REALLY early). Um... Interesting twist, making Mark all but admit that he has a crush on Juliet. And making Melissa have a fun time with the GBSA. And with making Jack and Benny STILL not get any action... *sniggers* makes me feel kind of sorry for them... *buys them condoms and a hotel room for spring break* Well, gotta go, so see ya when the next chapter's up! ^_^
4/11/2003 c1 9nothingis4ever
hi, ove it but it way to damn long, but please check out my poems, tell others, but i really like it!.
4/11/2003 c26 Medea
YAY! New chapter! I love it, Taf. (And Merc, I loved your last chapter, too.) Melissa and the GBSA? But...they're so ANNOYING! Hee...Mark and Juliet...that'd be fun to see.
4/4/2003 c1 Taf
Indeed we are, flameluvr, but that's how far behind we are. And we aren't going to change our carefully planned plot due to anything like what "month" it is. Viva la revolution.

4/3/2003 c25 2flameluvr
hey taf and merc! Another chapter! *dances* just the thing to brighten my day... I feel sort of like Melissa, only I'm not in Italy... and I didn't just get a huge stack of Valentines from everyone in my school. By the way, you ARE aware Valentine's Day was two months ago? ^_^
3/22/2003 c24 Medea
Since I'm mad that you are this late, Taf, I'm going to yell at you for two little mistakes (which you probably only made because you were half asleep). You wrote calls instead of class when Elijah is asking permission to leave. And it's "all right"! Not "alright"! *dies* *is reincarnated* But, I liked it anyway, and I'll forgive you. As long as both you and Merc promise never to be this late again.
2/22/2003 c22 2MercTaf

OOh, Akio . he's so . sexy . DAMMIT, what the HELL am I SAYING?

*chuckle* I was hoping Akio would try to seduce Dr. Huxley . that would be funny.
2/21/2003 c22 11Never Knows Best
LOVED the fic so far! keep writing! I laughed my ASS of. (which isn't necessarily a good thing seeing as I was reading it in class)

The GBSA scares me though.
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